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Monday, March 1, 2010

Focused on the good.

This past weekend has got to be one of those weekends where your strength is truely tested. I am not sure how I didn't break down in tears from frustration, anger and disappointment. I guess I must a stronger person now.

Here is the recap:

1. Finished building a piece I had been working on for the past 8 weeks. Not the happiest about the proportions. (deep sigh) Time to make a new one.

2. Get home at 11 pm to work on a project I already explained to the VPs of my company is not physically possible. Up all night through the snow... nap at 4... back up at 6pm and so this pattern continues.*

3. Friday night I rebel with a break to find the inside of my car filled with snow. SNOW! Why would my car be filled with snow? Ahh, let's see because someone managed to get into my gated parking lot that I pay extra for and break into my car?!?! Are you sersious and yet there was nothing for you to take.

4. Then as I try to put plastic on my car incase it snows some more, due to fatigue and emotions overload, I slit my hand on the broken glass.

5. Saturday... paid out to fix that window. There goes the play money this week.

*It is not just me working these crazy hours, I have my whole department and others breaking their backs and I am not even sure what for. (deep sigh)

I had to focus on the GOOD! So let me tell this story again...

1. Thursday - On my fourth attempt to build a fountain, I succeed and learn a lot about timing and what is going to be needed to complete this project. I look forward to making the next one even better than this one.

2. When I reviewed what my team's work, I was relieved... the revisions I had were minor. They really stepped up to the plate after weeks of training.

3. Friday - Shoveling snow out of my car I found my friend's iPod under the seat. LOL! The bastards didn't find it but... WE did after a week of looking, thanks to them. OH and nothing was taken from my car.

4. Saturday - I was really afraid my hand wouldn't stop bleeding but it did. YAY! No stitches.

5. At least I had the money to get a new window and I was the first stop for the day so I was good by 10 a.m.

6. After all this Semi-colon stops by to chill for a minute (which is really hours) and help me put together my write-up for a charity show that was the next day.

7. Show went well with a lot of positive feedback.

This weekend could have been a lot worst... I could have been in Chile Saturday morning.

Much luv with focus on the good until next week... peace :)


Rum Punch said...

I liked this a lot. For many reasons. That is all. :-)

Fontaine said...

You have been reviewed at Ask & Ye Shall Receive.
Try not to cry.

..... said...

No matter what, we are very much blessed. Thank you for sharing.