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Monday, June 28, 2010

Random Ramblings

1. This week is a four day work week, next week will also be a four day work week. YAY!!!

2. I painted my fingernails turquoise/aquamarine and I have to admit it is HOT!!!

3. Am I the only one that thinks that Alicia Keys is flaunting it in our faces she took that woman's husband. I admit, I wasn't too sure of the details at first and you still will never know what the truth is but regardless of the situation that you find yourself in, shouldn't you try to be a little empathetic of those involved... geez.

4. Which leads me to a conversation with my Aunt, who thinks wives should sue the mistresses. (DEEP SIGH) Talking about men are gullible and the women are in control of the situation. So my question to her was, "At what point do we start having higher expectations for men and stop defaulting to a prehistoric definition of what it is to be a man?" SERIOUSLY?!? The woman's role has changed, can we get with the program when we define a man. Your biggest beef should be with that cheating fool. If my expectation is for you to be monogamist with me, then I am holding you to that! POINT blank!


6. This weekend, 4 people told me they are happy that I got a divorce. One of those people included my MOM! This statement trips me out because I don't feel as if what is going on right is new to who I am. I didn't discover something that I never knew about myself. It is more like a rebirth and renewal in purpose.

7. I love Drake's speaking voice in interviews. Still can't believe he is with Young Money. He seems so much more sophisticated that than as a hip hop artist. (sigh) The album is HOT and I am most definitely "Thanking you later!"

Much luv until next week... peace :)


Bellini said...

courvoisier: the divorce is final - folks have moved on; swizzy seemed liked he was over, moved on. i'm not condoning foul behavior if it had taken place, but i reckon it is problematic to want somebody that don't want you no moreand prolong a situation that isn't mutually beneficial to either party

Tina D said...

well make that 5ppl who are happy u got a divorce. u may not have discovered anything new about urself, but the old courvoisier is back and i'm happy about it! plus look at where life is taking u now that ur emotional energy has been freed? anyway, the alicia keys thing? i think she AND swiz were just trife about the whole situation. we may never know the full story, but the bits that have been exposed reek of trifflinness.

Amaretto said...

Amen @ Tina D! "u may not have discovered anything new about urself, but the old courvoisier is back and I'm happy about it!" That's exactly what I meant when I said it. Not saying you weren't you during your married life, but I think you are more true to yourself now. And you can't honestly think your artist self would have emerged in this way had you still been married. I'm sure that's how the other 3 people meant it as well.

Rum Punch said...

A-tee-hee @ Swizzy has moved on. I guess so. He had something to move onto. But all that foolishness aside. The problem is the record label packaging. I mean for the longest time 'licia kept her private life very private. It was all is she dating him, her manager? Is she a lesbian? No one could really be too sure. Then boom pow surprise, she's a husband "stealer". And preggers! And then her pregnant self is climbing on top of a piano. It's like who is this chick we thought we knew?!?! But it's not like she would have been packaged as a young woman tryna find herself, with a questionable value system. The only thing these artistes prove (E. Badu w/ 3 baby daddies and Jill Scott of 'I need You' fame now a single mama come to mind as well) is that we're all walking contradictions. It's just that us normal folk don't put what we think we know to music.

Courvoisier said...


Bellini - I know the divorce is final but something about it still doesn't sit right.

Tina D and Amaretto - I hear you and I know which way you meant it... it is just interesting when I ponder it.