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Friday, July 2, 2010

A Declaration of Independence

Earlier today whilst I was contemplating what to write about, my mind flashed back to when I lived in the A and this couple my ex was cool with came over on the Fourth. "Yeah, we don't really celebrate this holiday," the chick said as a piece of the "freedom" bbq chicken I had cooked dangled from her lips and they both sat with a plate full of baked beans, mac & cheese, and greens. I distinctly remember giving her the o_O that day. But today, today I totally laughed at that whole situation.

This is my third Fourth of July Holiday post. And I guess as my mind traveled back down memory lane and settled on that incident, I thought about how ol' girl saw the Fourth in the traditional sense - how those who had settled in America wanted "freedom", "independence" from mean, old England. And thus the Declaration of Indepedence was written and signed. A war was eventually fought. Freedom (for some - that is what was clearly bothering her the most) was won. And America went on to be great. Heh.

But today I thought about it on a more personal level. What do we, us individuals need to be free from? Where in our lives do we need to stare down, or fight even, the proverbial man/country that's taxing our asses? What is happening in your life that is making you wanna throw up your hands and say 'give me liberty or give me death cause I can't take this no mo'!' What are you chanting, "give us free" from? Where are you shackled? Crippled? Where do you need to gain some independence and control in your life?

Maybe freedom from debt? Freedom from over eating? Freedom from a job you hate? Maybe a freedom from fear of being successful, or fear of exploring new worlds (literal or figurative), or fear of stepping out into the unknown. Freedom from fear of thinking outside the box, or of growing, or changing? Freedom from low self esteem? The freedom to let go of the past and enjoy the present. The freedom to truly accept and enjoy all sides of yourself, be comfortable in your own skin, to unapologetically just be?

In the movie or was it the show 'Fame', you know Debbie Allen's famous line, "you want fame? Well honey, fame costs. And this is where you start paying." Well, I'm no expert, but freedom costs too. Riiight? Right! Too often people are quick to make New Year's resolutions and expect instantaneous results. Didn't lose those 40 pounds in two weeks? Pass the donuts! Years and experience will teach you that pay-offs aren't usually automatic. Things take time, discipline, patience, discipline, (yes that deserved repeating) work and effort. And it is truly a battle to be free from whatever it is that's got you "bound" - cause you've got some serious things to slay. Whether it's not buying those shoes so you can slash that Visa bill. Not making that pan of brownies and saying no to that cake. Or battling your own self, those thoughts only you know, moving it all out the way - so you can be great.

So, who or what are you willing to fight for this peace of mind? What are you willing to put down to make room in your arms so you can pick up something better? What are you willing to pay to be free?

That's my time y'all! Happy Rum Punch Friday! Be safe this weekend y'all!

And just because it's become a tradition... And since Mint Julep sent me this article on a breakdown of each Aquemini song - I love this even more now!


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And that would be a beautiful death... jumping out the window... letting everything go!

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