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Monday, July 5, 2010

Possum Living in the City?!?

On impromptu vacation days, I always find myself researching topics of interest. Mainly, how to better transform my life style to one that I truly enjoy. While reading stories about people quit their jobs, I stumbled across these videos about Dolly Freed.

“Why is it that people assume one must be a hippie, or live in some dreary
wilderness, or be a folksy, hard-working, back-to-nature soybean-and-yogurt
freak in order to largely bypass the money economy? My father and I have a house
on a half-acre lot 40 miles north of Philadelphia, Pa. (hardly a pioneer
homestead), maintain a middle-class fa├žade, and live well without a job or
regular income—and without working hard, either.” Dolly Freed.

Following her success as an author, Dolly Freed grew up to become a NASA
aerospace engineer. She aced the SATs with an education she received from the
public library and put herself through college. She’s been an environmental
educator, business owner, and college professor. She now lives in Texas with her
husband and two children.

Amaretto you have to watch and read about this chick... I question whether I can apply any of her practices to my own life. So far living without cable is working out just fine. I am never going to get rid of the internet... hmmm. I am not really a farmer but I could see myself fishing... I think. Who knows?!? (chuckle) The point is I would love to have freedoms that she does with a little luxury sacrifice... just how much sacrifice am I willing to make?

Much luv until next week... peace :)
P.S. I don't miss cable at all...


Rum Punch said...

Heeeee! I'm only about 2 minutes in and the rabbits around the house is killin' me softly son! But umm...err, I see where you're going with this concept of living as simply as possible material wise so you can do other things that matter in your real life. I think that's where you're going with it. Or mayhap that's just me. Lol.

Courvoisier said...

LOL! I know!!!
And yes, that is where I was going with it. But how crazy is that girlfriend taught herself at home with her father after seventh grade, her mother was like she is missing out on life... and fast forward to today and chick is a NASA aerospace engineer. CRACKS me up the IRONY because the mother was all about the material things.