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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Misappropriation of Funds

So last week I watched the season finale episode of Tiny and Toya. In these episode Tiny throws a benefit concert for Alzheimer's disease research. While I haven't really watched the show I was digging the benefit concert and the moment when Tiny's dad got up and sung for the crowd. It was great when Tiny and T.I. promoted their foundation and presented the Alzheimer's research people a check for $10,000! Everyone say aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!

But then T.I.-in typical MTV Sweet 16-fashion announces that he would like Tameka to follow him outside because he had something for her. Huh? For her? I thought this about the disease. And lo and behold that's when he gave her that beautiful 2010 Porsche so many people were talking
about. Huh? The whole presentation left a funky taste in my mouth. How can you give a charity that is allegedly near and dear to your heart $10,000 and then moments later give your "wife" girlfriend, baby's momma a $100,000 car? It was totally inappropriate! And a shame, along with several other aspects of their relationship-but that's a post for another day...

And since I love sharing my joy, please watch the episode. The Busta Rhymes cameo made me laugh-only because in real life I don't think he speaks likes that...and I had just watched him in Higher Learning and his character's name was Dreads!

Do you think I'm being to hard on T.I.? Maybe BET (aka MTV in black face) made him do it!

See You In Seven


Courvoisier said...

Yup! I hear you it leaves a nasty taste in your mouth. I know...

Dirty Red said...

You ain't being hard enough.
It is just like all these rich ass Hollywood millionaires asking for donations to help some specific cause when something happens to thrust that cause into the limelight, when if all those fake ass Hollywood millionaires were to each come up off some of their own cash, then enough money would be raised to totally eradicate the cause they claim to care so much about. It is just like me going downtown in my Volvo and asking a dude waiting for the bus if I can get a ride with him.
Makes no sense huh?