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Thursday, August 12, 2010

keep it on the down low?

i've been having these debates about relationships that lead to the questions, the questions cause that's what it's all about. (plus i can't muster a "real" post to save my life.)  this week's question:

would you say something to your homegirl if the man she was dating seemed gay to you?

and now for the twists:

would it matter if he was flaming or just suspect?
would it matter if she introduced him to you before the first date or after she had made him her boo?
would it matter how close you were to her?
would it matter if you just suspected he was gay or would you have to have "proof" of his sexuality?

would you want our friends to tell you if they thought the man you were dating was gay?


Rum Punch said...

HAHAHAH! Youse a fool for the picture homie. Well first of all why do I think he's gay and my homegirl doesn't? Is she deaf, DUMB (in the literal sense) and blind? Idk. I'm of the mindset that once people get grown, they know what they're doing or have their own motives for what they're doing - and your protests won't change anything. I mean do you think Star's "real" friends were like, "are you sure bout Al?" And she was like, "chile I'm fo'ty-five and have never been married, it's do or die time!" Heh.

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