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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

miracle babies

Definition of a miracle baby:

usually male, birthed to a mother who deems child must truly be anointed

So, last weekend the discussion of the miracle baby came up twice in two different settings with two different people, so Bellini figured she betta discuss it with folks.

So my cousin's cousin (aka Rick) graduated from high school two years ago I think and he's in communiy college right around the corner from his parents' house. Ain't nothing wrong with that. Apparently his grades are decent, yet let cousin dearest tell it - Rick is just bidin' his time to an aimless life, void of drive and direction.

Rick was supposed to enroll at his cousin's alma mater. Get away from the urrea sorry, just had to do it and "live the life" so to speak. Well, he hasn't made it there yet. And said cousin feel like Mama is holding Rick back. I also might add that Rick almost didn't make in this world. Mama endured several miscarriages prior to Rick being born. Consequently, she was through with the babymaking. So, Rick is only child.

However there is another elephant in the room. Rick's Daddy. Rick's Daddy has kind of lived an aimless life. partially because he could. Rick & co. were very well-off the past two decades or so ago and then the well ran dry. And you know when there's money the jaded hue of green can imbue happy feelings cue the elements - Earth, Wind, and Fire. Rick needs to be pushed instead of being coddled. Mama can't really push him - that's her miracle baby that can do no wrong. The fact that he's alive is testimony.

Bob and Sharon oldest is bad (Aaron) as fcuk. Aaron has embarrased his parents, well mainly his Mama countless times, 'cuz usually Mama is the only parent around for the drama. For some peculiar reason she has made herself his Chief Enabler. Sharon refuses to enlist Bob's help in co-parenting she carries the burden by herself, however Sharon is not a single Mom. Bad grades, poor behavior - Sharon to the rescue. No Bob in sight. Bellini says "beat 'em". That boy needs a good ol' fashioned whoopin'. Tell his sister go get the switch. Not Sharon's miracle baby. Not the Aaron who was a preemie. Was just 2 pounds at a birth.


Is anybody in search of a disseration topic - please study miracle babies of the black variety - oh - and kindly send me your results. Inquiring minds want to know.



P.S. Extend well wishes to Rummy - she and the President share something in common.


Rum Punch said...

Awwwww! I heart you Bellini! Idk what to say about this post. If couple #2 is who I think it is then that's a crazy scenario all around. I hope these parents have it in their life plans to coddle i.e., take care of these boys forever.

MrsMeany said...

Parents need to raise their sons like their daughters...unless they are willing to take care of them forever!

(don't EVEN get me started with these mothers who feel that their sons are the SECOND COMING and can do no wrong--even when they are skrait up w.r.o.n.g.!)