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Monday, September 20, 2010

From girl to WOMAN

Today I told an old friend "REAL TALK: You have no idea what it is like to like someone who doesn't feel the same. It is a constant battle between the mind and your emotions. Lucky for you, I am a smart woman and not a hopeless romantic. Hopefully you can respect that."


After I said it, I had to replay it for a minute in my mind. It's been a minute since I was that up front. Wasn't afraid of loosing anything and was willing to accept the consequences because it was the truth.

Niave is what I try not to be.

Honest with myself first and with others second is what I was striving for most times.

It wasn't easy to say but I had to let a brotha know... so the next time you reach out to me because you realize you haven't heard from me in a minute... remember what it is. There is a reason I probably don't call you anymore. Not because I dislike you but because I don't dislike you enough.

Today, I just didn't feel like being a girl and pretending that your words were genuine even though mind is telling me your actions are truth. Without even thinking about it I called myself a woman and just wasn't interested in purposefully hurting myself.

If you know what I am saying ? (chuckle)

Much luv until next week... peace :)

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Rum Punch said...

I'm late, but I really, really love this! Sometimes you gotta put your big girl panties on and do what's best for you. :-)