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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"chickens runnin' around with no heads"

Upon the dawn of the 2nd millennium, I used that term to characterize the Democratic Party – now the term can aptly be applied to the Republican Party.

You GOPers don’t know what to do with yourselves. You let Dubya suckerpunch you into this war. The hawks were feelin’ themselves a lil’ too much. You chose not to reflect on history and remember what Daddy Senior did not do – but I digress.

We have 4 candidates vying for the Republican nomination: Senator John McCain (AZ), Mitt Romney (former governor of Massachusetts), Rudy Guiliani (former mayor of NYC), and Mike Huckabee (former governor of Arkansas).

So, all four candidates have dismissed the black vote and chose not to show up at any of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) or Tavis Smiley sponsored forums – black republicans you’re not giving me much to feel buoyant about this discussion.

I’ll start with the “Maverick” – McCain. Back in 2000, while still in undergrad, and receptive to a “non-traditional” candidate – McCain I was rooting for you. Until, I caught a reality check from Dr. Ronald Walters – a veteran political scientist, who basically reminded me not to believe all the hype. So, Bellini had to do her homework and realized that although McCain bucked the trend on immigration issues, military tactics during war, and campaign finance reform. . . he is still a HAWK! hmmmmphhh. . . ‘nuff said. Surprisingly enough, McCain won South Carolina.

On to Flip-floppin’ Mitt. You gotta love a true politician to the core – he’ll say anything to pick up vote (he reminds of the 1st black president – you all just love). The only thing I would give him a shot at is reviving the economy a Harvard MBA should be good for something (yes Bellini feels we are in a recession – hold on to your jobs and count those pennies).

Huckabee! I can’t believe you’re still hanging in there. After Tsunami Tuesday, we’ll learn your fate. The whirlwind of activity might just take you under unless Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, Oklahoma, West Virginia and Virginia keep you grounded.

Guiliani your race may start and end with Florida. Risky strategy. Your claim to fame is that you’re the only one that can beat Hillary. I hope the Sunshine state shows you their behind! Your rap sheet from your mayoral days is too long, all 50 states can't be put in your hands.

Black republicans you should feel bored, you don’t have much to ra-ra about. There's no Newt, Limbaugh is disillusioned with you guys, the sittin' president is cryptonite. This will be a lame year for you guys. The “chicken runnin’ around with no head" syndrome sucks!




blackrepublican#1 said...

Where are you getting your facts from? Id like to see exactly where you pulled each of these statements...And by them not attending the CBC or Tavis Smiley forums should not necessarily be labeled as dismissing the Black vote, perhaps disregarding the Black Republican population but to say the "Black" vote is a stretch. Unless you yourself are a closeted Black Republican venting out frustration.

Bellini said...

I see, so you are not slighted by these candidates dismissal to attend those events -- cool. Which statement do you have contention with? No, I am not a republican rather a registered independent. Out of curiousity who is you candidate? You sound like you're venting-- breath -- and holler back.

Dark & Stormy said...

I think I would be a bit suspect of any candidate who dismissed the forums sponsored by Smiley or the CBC. Whether democrat or republican, I interpret those actions as giving black voters the finger.

LH said...

The Republicans don't care anything for blacks (or anyone who's poor) and anyone who would suggest otherwise is delusional at best and lying at worst--period.

That said, I think if the Republicans have any chance of retaining the White House, it's in the form of John McCain. And as Republicans go, that isn't really so bad.