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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stupid Is as Stupid Does

There are a lot of things that have shocked me about this adulthood thing. Like how much stuff costs-especially toilet paper! And subsequently how soon you have to change that roll. Now I totally understand why it’s often difficult to get more than one square of paper in a public bathroom! And after being conditioned to about 15 weeks of vacation thanks to my schoolin’, now the expectation is that I work through the summer and I beg for time off during that week between Christmas and New Years because someone needs to be in the office?! Oh, it’s hard ya’ll. So until senility kicks in and I can’t really remember my youth, I’m learning to cope with some of these aspects of being a girl in a grown up world. But what has shocked me the most has been how many stupid people have made it pass go and have been allowed to roam around in the same world with me! Where did all these idiots come from?!

Now I’m not talking about people who occasionally say or do stupid things. I mean I for one have called that dude I wasn’t supposed to and paid handsomely for it later (read: STUPID). But I’m talking about these people I work with and people I just happen to encounter that really can’t put 1 and 1 together to get any kind of sense, common or otherwise. Well…let me correct that, they get nonsense quite well. And it’s the nonsense that I can’t tolerate living with. I’m thinking that it would be nice if all the stupid folks could get together in a centralized location and meet and stay there…forever.

Am I being too radical? Hmmmmm. Maybe.

My mom is a property manager for public housing. Oh the stories that she tells about her residents…truly there is a different moral compass in Section 8 communities. Yesterday, Mom told me how she took one of her resident’s daughter to the doctor to treat a cough that would clear up for a time and then return. Now you might be thinking, why oh why was your mom taking this child to the doctor…well I’ll tell you. It’s because her mother is a stupid person! And the reason her mother is stupid is because her daughter (who is sixteen and a straight A student) spoke out against a man who was living in their house and beating on them…her mom included. So when it came down to choosing between “her man” and her child…mom dukes told the girl she needed to find another place to stay. Why? Short answer…because she’s stupid! But long answer was that she’s never been without a man, and well she wasn’t about to start that day. Lawd! Seriously? And so on the way to the doctor's office yesterday this young lady told my mom that she would hang out at friend’s house until late at night and then sleep in the neighborhood park. For three months this occurred! I mean there are just too many stupid people, slash so-called adults who should have been aware that this child was sleeping outside. Turns out this child has a serious thyroid condition and my mom and a social worker had to move hell and high water just to get the mother to sign consent papers to allow for them to take her daughter to treatment. This mother had a stank attitude about it too! What. The. Hell? How can a mother keep her life moving for three months without concern about where her child was? Why wasn’t this mother thankful that people were willing to step in and help when she didn’t feel like being bothered? This was just too asinine for me to understand.

But people like this "mother" our out here, walking among us!

So I seriously propose (and maybe if Bracky becomes president he can help me with this) that all of the idiots who walk among us should be branded with scarlet DAs on their foreheads. Then we (the intelligent citizens of America) round them up (a la Bellini style) and let them live someplace together, maybe in middle America. We could just put them in a place where they can live their lives like they're golden. A place that we can stop by on the way to the Grand Canyon on our summer vacations with our children. And when we get there we can all laugh and point as stupid tries to outwit a box of rocks. Oh, how nice it would be in a safe place away from these people, to stand back, watch and wonder how stupid a person can actually be.

See You In Seven


Gangsta D said...

"A place that we can stop by on the way to the Grand Canyon"

How about INSIDE the Grand Canyon?

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

pragmatic yes, radical no - need a lil more vigor and umph LOL

IntrospectiveGoddess said...

Not so much stupid as IGNANT! and yes I meant to spell it that way...what that mom did to her child is deplorable....sadly I have heard about and have known some people with mothers like this

MJR-BANX said...

That is very very sad...and the cycle continues.