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Monday, September 8, 2008

2008 VMAs

Last night while I was preparing for my first five-day-work week in two weeks, I watched MTV’s VMAs. And this morning, I was hoping that those of you who did watch the show could help me answer a few questions that came to mind as I watched. And for those who didn’t, hopefully my questions will amuse you.

1) Is 2008 the year of Rihanna?

2) I know he told us who he was but WHO is Russell Brand again?

3) Why did Britney Spears win three VMAs?

4) Did anybody else think that Lil’ Wayne needed to pull his pants up during his performance?

5) If Aaron McGruder decided to make Boondocks the movie, couldn’t Young Weezy play Riley?

6) Wasn’t the little two-step that Lil Wayne and T-Pain did to Get Money cute?

7) Where did all the good hip-hop videos disappear to this year?

8) Why did Katy Perry think peeling a sequin banana appliqué on her leotard while singing Like a Virgin was sexy?

9) Speaking of leotards, is that the new performing costume right after leggings?

10) TI, can I REALLY have whatever I like?

11) Christina Aguilera’s performance was classic, no?

12) Did anyone else do a double take, when Young Weezy was singing Sweet Home Alabama with Kid Rock?

13) Can we stop hatin’ on Kanye when it comes to bringing the drama?

14) And, lastly was missing the season premiere of Entourage worth watching the VMAs?

You tell me…Happy Monday!

Peace :)


Anonymous said...

well i didnt catch the VMAs but you should have done more ques. b/c it is like reading 20Qs from Vibe mag or something..

Courvoisier said...

I like Vibe's 20Qs...but the show wasn't that GREAT so it was hard to dig for 20 without stretching.