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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rescue Me!

Rescue me
Oh take me in your arms
Rescue me
I want your tender charms
'Coz I'm lonely and I'm blue
I need you and your love too
-Aretha Franklin

Okay, so this just might cause the authorities to come and take my strong independent woman card away but….


I’m talking about me trapped in castle, bored out my mind and a man coming to save me. That’s right a man, on a big ole steed, swinging his saber, speaking with all sorts of “thees” and “thous” because he lived in a kingdom far, far away once upon a time…

Hmmmm. Note to self: I can’t read any fairy tales to my little ones. I mean I can’t contribute to their disappointment when they’re in their late 20s and ole boy ain’t show up and it’s well past CP time. I don’t want my girls becoming that “I don’t need no man, because I have rechargeable batteries” chick. Nor do I want them to end up like me in my extended singleness-just restless in my waiting.

I’m a survivor though. Not that singleness needs to be survived or anything…but I do wonder how many mo dinners with the girls I can endure. I mean I love them, but I also need some positive reinforcement and the occasional fawning session. And well when you and your girls all get dressed and all look cute respectively…none of them are going to get a gleam of pride in their eye seeing you in your freak ‘em dress or DAYUM girl! Shoes. Nope. Everyone just sits at the table, sipping on their drinks listening for the pitter patter of horse feet, waiting, hoping and praying that a prince will soon come to bring about their great escape.

I don’t know if its our impatience, our drinks or just sheer boredom that causes us to hop down with men riding little ponies. I do know that after saddling up with prince too old, too young, too hard, too soft, too lumpy and too dumby I still long for the one that’s just right. Somewhere out there is a man on a steed and I’m ready to hear him say…

“My Lady, I am here to save you from your prison of boredom. I’m rescuing you with my world views, dreams, and my ability to make you laugh you’re a$$ off.”

Oh yes ya’ll! This damsel is falling out that window and into his arms…and off into the sunset we go…


Okay. I’m tripping. Let me call up some my girls and see if anyone’s trying to do dinner. Lawd, I can’t wait to tell them about this prince charming rescuing me mess! I’m silly. I don't need saving. My girls got plenty of world views, dreams, and jokes to have me laughing happily ever after.

See You In Seven


Courvoisier said...

Yo Amaretto,

Amir said to tell you that you can have whatever you like just like T.I.

I hear you girl!


Rum Punch said...

LOL! You know Black women aren't allowed to get rescued. That's white women's territory. Oh well. And P.S. - No more Z's!!!

shelia said...

Ain't nothing wrong with wanting your knight in shining armour--he'll just come by car than by horse.

Women are independent but we still like to feel special by the men who pursue us.

mint julep said...

this was TOO funny! highlighting the ridiculousness of a knight and shining armor. the more i grow the more i know that is a fallacy. it's all about the homie lover friend.

Amaretto said...

@Courvoisier-Tell Amir I love him! And I can’t wait to go to Morocco.

@Rum Punch-Ps. Nearly a week later and I’m feeling the effects of those Zs looking for rooftops and whatnot!

@Shelia- I’m glad you understand! We women folk do like to feel special and beautiful and like princesses.

@Mint Julep-Knights are ridiculous, them and their stupid armor and what not. But I still secretly wish one would come by my castle.