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Monday, September 15, 2008


Does anyone remember the strange story that Tom Cruise’s character in the movie Collateral spoke about with the dead man on the subway not being noticed? Well Philly just told a similar story last week. Read this…

Police charge man in Philly subway hammer attack

Police have arrested a man suspected of brutally attacking a dozing subway passenger with a hammer while other riders did nothing to stop the assault, the city's police commissioner said Wednesday.

Thomas Scantling, 26, of Philadelphia, was charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and related charges, police said.

Scantling, who was taken into custody in a mental institution late Tuesday, has a lengthy record of rape and other convictions, Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said on NBC's "Today."

The victim was treated and released from a hospital.

Ramsey criticized other riders for standing by when the assailant entered the train with his 5-year-old son, directed the boy to a seat, calmly pulled a hammer from a backpack and attacked a man dozing in a nearby seat.

At least 10 other riders were in the car, yet no one interfered as the attacker repeatedly struck the victim in the train car and later out on a platform, Ramsey said on "Today."

"They better pray they're never a victim, because if someone was attacking them that way they would certainly hope someone would step forward and help, and it starts with stepping forward and doing something yourself," Ramsey said.

Police trying to generate tips released surveillance video Monday showing the early Sept. 4 assault that was played repeatedly on Philadelphia television stations.

Authorities said Scantling was apprehended after family members called police. It was not immediately clear if he had an attorney.

"He has a long criminal history including rape, robbery, assault, narcotics violations," Ramsey said.

Scantling apparently had tried to hurt himself with the hammer following the attack on the subway. Family members said they were not initially aware of the attack, but had Scantling committed to the mental institution where he was taken into custody.

The victim, 20-year-old Dewayne Taylor, made his own way to a hospital and was treated for head and neck injuries. Taylor, who has been released from the hospital, said Tuesday he has no idea who the attacker is or why he was targeted.

This incident really managed to spark a lot of conversation. Besides the fact that I use that same subway system twice a day, five days a week and this story scared the mess out of me, there was a lot of discussion as to why nobody helped the victim.

Which then led me to think “What would Courvoisier do?” (W.W.C.D?)

Well I am not going to lie and say I would have stepped in because I wouldn’t have. But I do believe I would have called the police on my cell phone. This incident wasn't reported until eight hours later, when the victim called the police. And if you watch the video I linked in the header, you will see there were quite a few witnesses and not one person stepped forward. That truly makes the island gal in me sad.

Think about it what would you have done?
We know what Jesus would do.

Happy Monday y’all.


Amaretto said...

Craziness! Now I know I wouldn't have offered myself as an alternative punching bag. But I would have called the police on my cell phone or thrown a shoe and then ducked, or at least yelled something like "can't we all just get along?"

I'm sure that if one person had stood up the others would have too, but I guess everyone was waiting on someone else to bust a move. Where oh where are our bold and brazen leaders? Or at least the people who are sick of fools keeping us in fear?

ps. Maybe I wouldn't have thrown a shoe, no sense in me walking around with one shoe right? I'd prolly throw a newspaper. That's what Amaretto would do!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i aint never heard of the movie let alone seen it

MJR-BANX said...

"There's hope,
It doesn't cost a thing to smile,
You don't have to pay to laugh,
You better thank God for that!"
India Arie

Rum Punch said...

It's crazy the man had to get his own self to the hospital. I mean you can look at it from the p.o.v. that they didn't want to step in the middle of madness. That's understandable. But to not do anything is madness in itself. Use that emergency phone on the train and contact the conductor so he can alert officials. Call the police. Something...