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Monday, October 27, 2008

Can Stella Really Get Her Groove Back At 28?!?!

Over the weekend, I heard a lady use these words “Go girl get your groove on Stella!” to a friend of mine who is 28.

(perplexed face) I asked Shouldn’t you still have your groove at 28?”

Come on now, if we got people saying 40 is the new 30, how can you be a Stella at 28? I mean Stella was 40 and Winston was 20. She (my friend) is 28 and dude is 19. Sounds about right if you ask me (chuckle) given the situation.

My friend, Alvania is a recent divorcee of a 7 year marriage with no children. At times, I think she has been through more than the average woman in her 20s. At 25, she realized her best friend was no longer her buddy and what the nay-sayers said at the beginning of their marriage came to fruition. “You are too young to get married!” But that is the past and Alvania learned lessons that some of us may never learn in life.

She is finally free to start again. Shred the skin of her past life and start a new. And before she knew it, trying new hobbies started new circles and new circles brought new friends. And this weekend one new young, fine, brown-eyed, chocolate toned brother made it his mission to make a slightly older sista realize some people blossom later in life. How is it that this barely legal boy was able to do this? (I have no idea!! This is where you weigh in folks.)

The whole situation didn’t just make Alvania blush...but it made me blush. (chuckle) Dang! Even though this feeling was second hand, if this is anything like the feeling an older man gets when a young philly accepts his date or what Stella felt when Winston wouldn’t end his pursuit…do your thing girl!

THANK YOU young boy because you reminded Alvania, that she never lost her groove. And like I said earlier, can you REALLY loose your groove at 28?

My response Pleeze…no one on the corner has swagga like moi!” (age is not a factor.)

swagger like us - t.i. ft kanye west, jay-z & lil wayne

Until next week...peace :)



Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

28 is a youngin

i guess its a woman thing in 45 and ant never loss mine

Anonymous said...

I say good for her. Keep on doing the damn thang! As long as he treats her with respect and is mature and know how to role then have fun with him, but marriage...mmm...i dont know about that! Keep us posted!