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Thursday, October 30, 2008

enough already?

7 days never seemed so long.

Last night's obamamercial was a prime example of that. While I am not an obamamaniac I do support the brother. Not because he gon fix child support or get reparations but more than anything because he gon stick it to the MAN. Show these white folks. Allegedly.

Now I know that's not the most pc way to say things such as this but that's just how I feel.

Anywho one would think that having raised 150 million in the month of September would make you guaranteed to win. Allegedly.

Running for president on the democratic ticket at the height of an economic crisis would make it impossible to lose. Allegedly.

But seems like the only thing for sure is that obama is still a black man.

In America

Where folks that looked like him were enslaved just 3 generations ago.

Where his daddy would be strange fruit in Mississippi had he whistled at his momma a generation ago.

And while WE get it. Apparently there are still some folks that don't. still undecided 6 days before Nov. 4. chile please.

So to me, there are 6 days left for some shit to pop off. Enough time for full page ads with blackened images and the n word. Now while I thought 30 mins of reworked speeches was overkill, enough already...maybe not.

what say you?


Rum Punch said...

Oh yes last night was definition of pulling out all the stops. Well after reading a Wash Post article this morning about how the white folk in Montana have only seen Black people on TV and in movies, I know it's not me he has to worry about.

Oh wait yes it is. I too, a Black woman am still undecided. Heh heh...

IntrospectiveGoddess said...

Well I know who I am voting for but I think Obama is making sure he is covering all his bases, and if thats how he runs his campaign then that may be a testament to how he runs this country..leaving no stone unturned...Obama!!!