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Monday, November 17, 2008

What's That You Listening To? (Part1)

"Good Morning…"

For those of you who know Courvoisier well, you know I don’t get lovey-dovey much but when I DO…I do so deeply. We are talking tears and all! So before I get started with the point of my post this morning, I want to give you a little background. I never FULLY understood the idea of being a FAN-attics until this man...Mr. JOHN LEGEND.

John you are truly talented. Not talented like you have one or two tracks but talented like I feel you brotha. You seem real and truthful, sometimes even funny. You make a sista want to curl up next to her man and say “I understand that even though you do some things that seem heartless, it doesn’t mean you don’t have feelings.” Now I don’t know if that is a ploy to get me to forgive or just apart of his game but John reminds me that MEN are human.

I could go on and on about how he was an English major at UPenn and how his lyrics move me, etc...but I won't. (chuckle) Read/listen for yourself.

Case 1 - ORDINARY PEOPLE from Get Lifted

“We're just ordinary people,
We don't know which way to go,
Cuz we're ordinary people.”

Are we not ordinary people? No one has love figure out, forget all these manuals and self help books out there. Love is a trial and error baby. (Tear number 1)

Case 2 – COMING HOME from Once Again
This song shook me to the core because although this song is about the return of a child from war (which I, in no shape or fashion can relate to) How do you not feel the love? Watch for yourself. (Tears number 2 & 3)

Case 3 – And lastly, This Time from Evolver
The lyrics speak for themselves. (Tear number 4)

"This time I want it all,
This time I want it all,
Showing you all the cards,
Giving you all my heart,
This time I'll take the chance,
This time I'll be your man,
I can be all you need,
This time its all of me.

Last time I wasn’t sure,
This time I will give you more,
I’m more mature,
Ill show you,
Last time I didn’t know,
I messed up let her let you go,
I need you, don’t say no."

Ahhh...makes me want to play all of his albums all over again, all day and I will. Did I mention how much I love John Legend's music? (chuckle)

Much luv until next week...peace :)

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Localicious said...

gurl i'm right here lovin john legend with u! i think he's the only artist i've made a point to buy each of his albums :) just got evolver and I'M LOVIN IT! his lyrics are so on point! that coming home song did almost make me cry. i say almost b/c we both know i don't cry much, lol.