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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

political potpourri, vol. i

How can the end of 2008 come and Americans not go out with a bang or rather bust. The bust of the economy just sucks, but what comes up must come down… which now leads me to your girl Sarah Palin.

Why did Senator John McCain throw her under the bus on This Week with George Stephanopoulous? That shit ain’t cool and yet it was all so funny. And to add insult to injury, I doubt - Sarah saw it coming. Ouch! And I wonder why Senator McCain couldn’t have been this honest on the campaign trail? In all honesty, I kind of feel bad for Sarah only a tad bit. Being a Washington novice in politics, when you’re trying to come to Washington is a huge disadvantage. The RNC and McCain’s folks just used her as a prop, but Sarah –Bellini doesn’t pity the fool too much—the lipstick wearing pitbull of self was aggressive enough to compete. Some people actually think you’re dumb—I don’t. You’re pretty wonkish when it comes to energy policy. I do think you were na├»ve, but now, not as much. I heard you got a book deal—smart move. Your dreams of coming to Washington to reside on Observatory Lane aren’t realistic. Although, you do have charisma- but that’s not enough right now in politics—we need a lil’ more heft. Have you looked at Obama’s female cabinet positions? Their qualifications should make you want to hide under a rock. And unfortunately for you, I think America’s anti-elite crusade is over, we want the best & brightest...

Speaking of the best and brightest, Jesse Jackson, Jr. –—may be smarter than I thought. Ok, I have to give him some credit, he’s not necessarily the ilk of his Daddy, but he may have been the one who gave the FBI the ammo that they needed in this Blagojevich case. I must admit, I was pretty impressed by the way he handled his press conference, although he could have done without recounting his sister’s support especially if you was going to get emotional and stuff – that’s a lil’ too much. But hey, your emotions are just that, so I can’t knock you. And you still had the bravado to remind folks you still want that Senate seat—I can’t be mad at you one bit… Unfortunately Jesse Jr., you’re not the only who wants that seat. It appears any politician with a brain in Illinois wants that seat… so we must wait and see.

You gotta love this stuff!




Courvoisier said...

Ahh, I hear you Bellini.
It was obvious to me that McCain wasn't a fan of Sarah. Infact, the minute they brought her on I was convinced that McCain (the man) had taken a back seat and wasn't leading his own campaign/party.

Sarah on the other hand. I'm with you there. I don't hink she is dumb either. (Everytime I say that people verbally attack me.) I truly believe she was out of her league.

Then "why run?" is what people would say.

To which I would answer "I could think of a million reasons why I would run". Should she only run becuase she thinks she is going to win? No...this was an opportunity of a life time.

And although, I admit this was a very difficult decision to make, it takes a lot to step up to the plate, do your best, even though you know it might not be enough.

You will be surprised sometimes how people will perform giving the right amount of pressure. I am the type that rises to the challenge and whether I win or not, I am always stronger and better on the other end. Which I think may be the case for your girl Sarah.

Bellini said...

ditto -- Courvoisier! when mainstream moms were questionin' her intentions of entering the race considering the impact on her family... i believe the family had that discussion a long time ago and the mere thought of living on Observatory Circle was cool as shit!...the Palin pack looks like they roll tight and that they got each other's back! so Sarah didn't & doesn't need any justification from the mainstream, her fam is holding her down... and back to McCain -- you have to wonder what he was thinkin' -- i think he is an impulsive thinker similar to the current prez