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Thursday, January 8, 2009

if I could turn back the hands of time....

My life has been good. I’ve seen some good days and I’ve seen some not so good days. I’m sure I sound like an old granny sitting in my rocker remembering my heyday but when contemplating what I would tell my younger self if I could go back in time, I slipped into a sentimental mood. My first thought was to create a little tape that would constantly play in my head of only the most important things I'd need to know...

Don’t slouch. Stand up straight.

Speak strongly. Walk confidently.

Don’t doubt yourself. Love others unconditionally.

Quit studdin’ him. He will never change.

Love your face. It is beautiful.

I wouldn’t steer her/me down a different path. Every choice, for better or worse, has led me to this point. Then I scratched that plan because I know her/me and you can show her/me better than you can tell her/me. I have bumped my head on the same low ceiling fiftyleven times before changing my ways.

But I'd have to say something, just one thing that might sink in. So I would scream this:

The mistake of optimistic people is not in expecting too much of the future but in expecting too little from the present. --Tyler

And that would sum it up. For I’ve been known to speed through life. To be so excited about the next step that I missed the one in front of me. As I drift off to sleep, I often nightdream about some plan I have for the next month or year. When things aren’t going so well, I comfort myself with thoughts of shiny pretty new things. This has served me well, making me a generally agreeable and pleasant person. But I have gotten lost in that sometimes, to the detriment of present day living. The savoring of each moment.

So I'd tell her/me to do that. every second of every minute of every day. That's what I'd tell younger me.

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Courvoisier said...

What's funny is...I know what you mean about the tape. Mine was a little different but was on repeat all the time.