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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

live your life...

After New Year, I played phone tag with a friend (Kenny) who was attempting to exchange niceties. I caught up with him on Friday, and as our conversation evolved he shared a story about a friend (Ronald) who as of today should have relocated 3000 miles away (west coast). And Kenny informed me that besides himself, folks ain't too happy about him leaving. As six degrees of separation would have it, I know Ronald's best friend (Tony).

Apparently, Tony is being selfish. He doesn't want his road dog gone and have to settle for phone calls. Now Tony and Ronald are both parents, so I must add that Tony is worried about the welfare of Ronald's child. Last time I checked Ronald is a grown man. But apparently for Tony that's not enough, he is downright pissy.

Now, there is a lil' more to the story.

Ronald didn't relocate because of his job, it's because of a women. A young one I might add but age ain't nothin' but a number?, so with no family or friends on the west coast...Ronald put up his deuces sought a transfer with his job and said peace to the homies!
And men, think only women are emotional?!? Ha!
I also must add, that Ronald has never really ventured out of his home turf until he met Tony. Traveling and such is a new phenomenon for him. I reminded Kenny to inform Tony, that if it doesn't work out he'll come back east. And in the meantime,they can purchase plane tickets to vacation in a place where the sun and palm tress are plentiful. I really don't see the problem with Ronald living a little.

Even if Ronald living a little, may be initially perceived as stupid, naive, etc... He's living and in my book that's all that counts. You only live once, so you must live life to the fullest. Try as hard you can, not to have regrets! cue Rihanna...

"so live your life..."



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