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Monday, January 12, 2009

If a smile is what you want…

At times I believe because I smile in response to whack pick-up lines, men believe these lines must be working. (chuckle) But in fact, I am chuckling out loud because I find it so funny that men actually say these things. (chuckle) Does someone you find attractive take you out of your element and make you act out of character? Because when that happens to me I try to keep my mouth shut until I can articulate my attraction with sense.

Case 1: You say…”What up ma’? Can I holla at you for a sec?”
My point: Do I look 16? I’m not interested in being holla’d at. I am interested in a gentlemen that smiles and says “Good morning!”

Case 2: “Can I have a bite?” you say as I nibble on my soft pretzel.
My point: (chuckle, chuckle) You most definitely get the smile. But oh no, you took the chuckle as approval to elaborate on that silly statement. (chuckle)

“I’m not talking about the pretzel?!” (chuckle) Oh really, what ARE you talking about? I think to myself. (chuckle even louder) You can not be serious?! That is not a nervous, flirtatious giggle…that is a negro you can’t be serious giggle.

But au contraire, these men are serious. I don’t have a problem with making your day with a smile but my cell number?
(chuckle) Maybe if you cute (chuckle) but a guaranteed lay? (chuckle real loud) You would have a better chance if you just came out and asked for it.

Or maybe it is just me?
Because when you come at me like this sober (chuckle)…you can’t expect me, to act like I AM sober…or do you?

Much luv until next week...peace :)

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