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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

the usual suspects?...

Since we’re in a recession, there tends to be a trend where crime spikes upward. And in the metropolitan area where I reside, crime is one thing – who is perceived to be doing the crime is another. So, lately the perpetrators of the few serious crimes have been … guess… Hispanics. And on more than one occasion, a Hispanic happened to also be an illegal immigrant; so that has put the liberal, savvy folks who reside in my county in a quandary. Tst.tst.

So, now what will the residents do? MoCo residents have fought tooth and nail against detaining illegal immigrants, created day labor centers, and providing much needed aid to the immigrant community. Well, the police chief is developing a proposal to have police officers check the immigration status of suspects arrested for violent crimes and weapon offenses. But opponents fear a slippery slope argument will be the result, encouraging racial/ethnic profiling and thereby undermining public safety. Although, serious crimes has risen in the county, the police acknowledge it is unknown the role illegal immigrants play in that matter.

And perception is a bitch. The only reason these liberal folks face a dilemma is because they strongly believe that illegal immigrants are here to work and provide for their families, they’re not here to cause trouble. And I still believe that is true for the majority; however you know one rotten apple spoils the bunch. But that’s it, how do you contain the stench that contamination surely brings on to the others?

When the proposal is sent to the county council for a vote, they better pass the legislation. You cannot justify perpetrators of serious crimes being illegal immigrants and tolerate that shit.




cinco said...

I just don't understand the perception that illegal aliens are 'okay'. Are borders are open to many- enter our country legally and remain law abiding people and you are welcomed.

Bellini said...

@ cinco: well you have wealthy individuals and corporations seeking cheap labor where if they paid under the table they didn't have to worry about taxes or paying the market rate for labor; and all of this occurring pre 9/11.

and i'd be remissed if i didn't admit that race played a role too, if the American psyche only perceives things in black & white, it was easier to keep the illegial immigrants out of the equation.

Rum Punch said...

Well having lived briefly in Europe and seeing this type of shakedown happen w/ my own eyes-when the North African man who sold toasted nuts outside the Metro station was questioned by police and then taken away and gone for several weeks or seeing police go through the train and demand to see "the usual suspects'" (mainly North Africans) identification, I understand where you're coming from. And I've seen it in action. But let me say it's a b-ya to watch happen. And it makes you question the society you live in... And if you go down this slippery slope, then where does it end? Who can say, "these people need to prove they are citizens, but these people don't?" As citizens who have nothing to fear and will probably never be targeted (although you know folks think I'm a Spaniard), it's easy for us to be like, "search 'em all. Now. Whenever you can." Perhaps we've earned that right...