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Monday, February 23, 2009

Love is Never Straight Forward, Pt. Duex

Everybody has a type...I like the older-ambitious-well-groomed-lovely-smile type but this isn't about me is it? (chuckle) Back to Shauna and John....

Separated or recently divorced, seeking male attention, ready to move on, wanting to prove ones worth, looking to have someone legitimize their significance in a relationship. Not necessarily looking for a relationship so the normal rules of courtship don't apply. However, the emotions still come into play. The I-love-yous and the Do-you-love-mes help to keep this charade going.
This is John's type.

Shauna's name is not really important because one, it is insignificant and two, she like the others are all interchangeable. OOoo-ouch! Now that might seem harsh but it is true. John might have a type but the Shaunas need him. He provides the confidence needed to get back on the street without even knowing it. The problem is getting the Shaunas to realize "Baby-girl you are ready! You owe John nothing but a simple thank you and a smile. It was fun while it lasted but you got a new pair of shoes now!"

The Shaunas tell me "But what if this is true love? What if it is more than a charade?"

You won't know that until you move on Shauna. You won't know if it is really true love or late night fvcking until you move on. I am still a believer that real love is in true friendship and true friendship is timeless. And as we all know relationships sometimes come to an end. If John is a true friend he isn't going anywhere.

Trust me...I know and I never had to tell him I love him. (chuckle) And yes, we're not doing the late night tango anymore either. We are just friends. Friends that hopefully can talk about every and anything one day.

Hold my hand Shauna, let's take a step back, everyone thinks you are fabulous, including John. And this is why he doesn't play by the normal rules of courtship. You thought you understood but you should have a better understanding now that I have introduced you to the others.

John is not a bad guy...he is just a John...oops I mean a man. (sorry John it was just too easy...chuckle) But seriously, John has his own wants and needs that I can't really speak for but I am sure they are valid.

Accept John for who he is...if he is hesitant to give you what you ask for or need and can't articulate why (as you mentioned in Pt. 1)...continue to make decisions on my your own accord (i.e that divorce) and continue to move at your own speed, as will John.

You got to respect the heart, much luv until next week...peace :)


IntrospectiveGoddess said...

Ok now I'm confused, this post makes John look like the bad guy when it is my understanding that Shauna is the one who is stringing John along while she debates weather or not she is going to go through with her divorce, she is the indecisive one, why is John looking like the A-hole in this situation, how is it she only owes him a thank you and a smile, but he is the one who is playing by her rules and sacrificing his own self worth??

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

u should ruin that ad in a paper lol

Courvoisier said...

That is the thing...introspective. This whole relationship throws me for a loop every week when I hear the stories. One week, he can't be trusted and the next she...hence why I say love is never straight forward. As frustrating as this relationship appears two me these two people seem to can't get enough of each other.

I am glad it is not just me that thinks this is crazy!?!?