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Thursday, February 26, 2009

mardi gras redux: top 10 greatest hits

shouts to rum punch for holdin a sista down last week. my apologies for being mia. i was in the middle of my first ever new orleans mardi gras. and folks what a mardi gras twas. this might be my new favorite holiday. good friends, good food, great drinks and non stop partying for a good week straight. loves it!

being a mardi gras newbie, i had nothing to go on but images of boobs and beads. but let me tell you the real real mardi gras is about community, family and showin love for the city. i didn't step foot in the french quarter once and that probably did the trick. i had a great time and looking forward to next year. until then, i'ma reminisce on my top 10 mardi gras moments!

10. baby king king. standing on st. charles avenue watching some of the most beautiful floats i've ever seen with little kids, grandmamas, frat boys, tourists and every other kinda person you could think of.

9. wtf!?! mr. officer. getting a wack ass parking ticket for parking in the the crosswalk. now that officer knew good in hell well that i was nowhere near the crosswalk. he musta been on his 3rd daiquiri or smokin that good good when he wrote the ticket. in any case, i ain't payin it.

8. down goes frazier! have you ever seen somebody fall and you wanted to laugh so hard but you didn't want to make them feel bad. well imagine the exact opposite of that: somebody falls and everyone within a 5 foot radius laughs. hoard. long. while pointing. and more laughing. yeah that's how it went down. this drunken hot white girl bust her ass and almost took down a judge in the process. she came over to say hello to him and tripped over her own sloppy drunk feet and proceeded to grab on to him on the way down. luckily he shook her loose and she went down on her own. good times!

7. breaking my neck(lace). there is something about free stuff that makes folks go crazy. combine free shit with a lil alcohol and that free shit being hurled threw the air and there is bound to be a disaster. during one of the numerous parades i attended (which one, i can't rightly recall) i jumped up for some beads and came down without my favorite necklace. pictured below is all that is left of it. sadness

6. red Beans and Rice. mmm good!

5. Patron Got You in the Zone. taking patron shots with a judge... nuff said.

4. Kicking the Breeze, Hangin' on St. Philip Street! Gettin' to hear my favorite mardi gras song ova and ova and ova again!

Roll with Me, Rock with Me - Rebirth Brass Band

3. All Hail Queen Zulu. I was the first person to score the most prized throw from the Krewe of Zulu, a coconut! And it was gold. snaps in a circle two times!

2. Three's Company. then i got greedy and went for more. these 3 lil guys aren't as fantastic as the golden one but they're cuter. just look at those faces!

1. Corrupting the Youth. since the 5 spot is a pg-13 site i can't give ya'll any other details than this but just know it's numero uno for a reason...

see ya next year! laissez les bons temps roule!


MrsMeany said...

I'm glad that you got to experience Mardi Gras! The floats are beautiful, and you can see the PRIDE that the people have for their city and their culture...but that's just me: I LOOOOVE a good parade--people in the skreets, dancin', celebratin', partyin'! I wish I were there (maybe next year!)

Nevermind the knuckle-heads that come out to do "no good" (they're everywhere...at every kind of parade...bein' ig'nant and ruinin' GOOD FOKES' good time!)

I expect to see more pictures...
(but since you said that you can't RECALL SHIZ, then I probably won't end up seeing ANY pics)

My first (and only) Mardi Gras was the same!!! In every picture, my eyes were glazed over, and I had so many beads around my neck that Mr. T would have been PROUD!

Laissez les bon temps roulez, INDEED!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i want some beads
have a great weekend

Courvoisier said...

Sounds festive and eventful! Might have to pass through next year and give you a holla.