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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Working Girl's Woes

Every morning I have to tell myself that I am lucky to have a job, well luck has little to do with it…I am actually blessed. But I have to remind myself. Especially in these days and times. I have to say “Amaretto, you shouldn’t abuse your sick leave.” “Amaretto keep a positive attitude.” And of course, “Amaretto, you have to keep a smiling face.” But here lately it’s been really hard ya’ll to keep this work thing in perspective. I feel like I am underpaid…and not necessarily overworked (I do work for the government), but when I think about the things I am trying to accomplish in 2009, the funds aren’t giving me the means. And while I’m not building a railroad I do think I have to put up with more drama than a Terry Perry play. And I know, this is like me complaining that I am all out of my brand of bottled water while some orphan child in a war torn country has to walk 600 miles bare foot to get water that animals drink from… but it’s how I am feeling.

I’m thankful I have a job, but does it have to suck? Especially because of management?

I have one of those chick bosses who is not the best manager because she lacks the ability to communicate…effectively. I have never in my life not liked a person as much as I do my manager. And it’s not like she is mean, but I feel that everything from her mouth is bull. She came into my department with clear favorites and well that just set the stage. I’ve never been the type of person who needed to be in the in crowd, but I do need boss like people to at least read the work that I provide. There is nothing more annoying than giving someone the information they need to be successful, or at least not look like an idiot and them not listening to you, and later having the audacity for the same exact information that I already provided. Say whaaaaaaaat? And why is it that you are a six figure and I ain’t? Maybe because I use words like ain’t… me no know. But that has been the story of my life ya’ll for the past 10 months! Just unbearable because I can see what she is shoveling and it’s nothing but sh*t that she’s trying to pass off as a bed of roses. But unlike a friend in the hood I can’t call her on it. And that makes me frustrated and angry. And the reason you aren’t getting a post about why Black History is everyone’s history, or how I felt Robert Downey Jr. was robbed at the Oscars because (and please don’t take my Black card away) I thought he was funny as hell portraying a black man in Tropic Thunder-is because working bes like this sometimes. And I just had to stop, vent, and breathe so I could keep on wearing my smiling face mask.

I just have to keep smiling, keep shining, and remember that I am blessed to have a job. Unlike many, I at least know for sure I’m getting paid on Friday.

See You In Seven


IntrospectiveGoddess said...

Well I dont think there is anything wrong with venting about your job, as long as you know that you are blessed to have one at the end of the day and you made it very clear that you are aware of that, I would like to see your post on Robert Downey Jr, I didnt see tropic thunder but the previews with him in it, had me laughing so im sure it was a good performance, just keep on keeping on, things will get better and if they dont like you said at least you get a paycheck on friday

Anonymous said...

Co-Sign on the post and RDJ, I mean Heath was great, but he gone, and posthumous (sp??) awards just never realy made sense to me b/c the person is not there to revel in it or appreciate it.