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Monday, March 16, 2009

Yes, Women of Color Do Age Well

Excuse me ladies, I need visit the restroom.
Oh I'll come with...
Me too.
You know I don't like going to the restroom anymore,
can't stand looking in the mirror...
I hear you.
I can't see how old I am getting in my face.
You kidding me right?
Oh be quiet...you are going to look 45 when you are 90!

Never really thought about it before but yes, women of color do age well. Maybe now that I am approaching that age where I don't look like a teen anymore and my friends of other races are seeing the signs of age creep up on their faces...I starting to take notice.

While I was on vacation, a lady I swear was in her late forties turned out to be in her early seventies with grandkids older than me. Reading the latest issue of Essence article on Valerie Jarrett, she is 52...get out of here!

Then I am sorry, this last one took the cake for me...Michelle O pics at her highschool prom. WOW!

I hope to age like this!

Much luv until next week...peace:)


Bellini said...

girl, you black don't crack -- people think i'm 10 years younger and my 10 year high school reunion is in June

Anonymous said...

women of COLOR? What the hell, are you living in the 1950s using words like that? That's so medieval and racist it's unbelieveable!