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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

generation Y?

Over at the 5spot--we're '80s babies. Reagan babies. Overcame the crack epidemic era babies. Gernation X babies. My point is we were born during times that were inconceivably rough. I swear up until I was 12, my dad just shitted on the conditions of chocolate city "lock your doors, we're entering the city; "you know the'll rob you for nothing", "look at that knuckledhead--don't want to do shit with his life".... Bellini could go on and on... I mean the perception of life during that time was just as Annie said, "it's a hard-knock life"! So, you got to roll with the punches and have a game plan.

Now compare the '80s chil'ren with the stark contrast of the '90s babies. Clinton babies. Life was good babies! The Bling-Bling babies. They were aptly coined, generation y. And you have to wonder did economic boom have a psychological impact on their upbringing? I mean these '90s babies ain't got no drive, they won't even try. And if it wasn't for the fact that these '90s babies grew up with your folks, thereby raised by the same folks that raised you -- you would have to wonder who are they folks?

On two separate occasions, I've had two different friends tell me about the state of their cousins. Both cousins products of the '90s. Both cousins are young women. I've seen these women when they were little precocious girls. Both girls are unemployed, are mothers, and are in helpless relationships living with a man. One finished high school and the other did not. The one that finished high school was fortunate enough to attend college on a partial scholarship, she went and then dropped out -- not for a lack of aptitude rather for a lack of focus. So, this is the current verdict of the '90s babies.

No drive. No ambition. Livin' for the sake livin'. And it's one thing if you want to live your life like that, but the children ain't got no business being raised in those conditions -- especially when your ass wasn't raised like that! Perhaps, there is truly no shame in their game? Where's the pride to make sure you're employed, so you can bring in a check and take care of your baby. Don't blame the recession, both chicks weren't working prior to the recession. It's as if being pregnant meant they ain't have to do shit. Why are you going on welfare? The reality is they don't have to go on welfare. But one has to assume they want to. Asking folks for pamper money, formula money -- why the fcuk aren't you're breastfeeding. whatevs... I can only wonder what's their excuse. Why aren't they trying to better themselves and their sitchuations?

generation Y?


Dirty Red said...

I hear ya. But I was told that our generation would not amount to shit either. This whole post and the fact that I agree with it means that we are turning into our parents.

We are getting old.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

well these folk nowadays dont wanna work for nothing, just look at tv, watch videos and think when the ask they should get it - usa cant depend on this generation

Anonymous said...

I think these things are timeless and we can place the blame squarely where it belongs, parents.

Perhaps not parent's themselves, sometimes, it's a lack of one for various reasons.

I think we "80s babies", at least, those of us who are reading this and identifying with your characterization had parents who like yours were going to make sure that we were focused, we took our school work seriously, and we understood some of the important things in life, even if they had to beat it into us.

It get's easy to see other generations as not being as great as us. Heck, for years you'd hear me proclaiming that my graduating class was the best my high school had ever seen and will ever see. Well. . .that may actually be true.

In any case, I think this is a phenomenon that is timeless and afflicts every generation. If you listen to people past 50 talk about the next generation, going back for who knows how many years, the complaints are the same.

Seriously, how can every generation be that much more sexually depraved than the next. Shouldn't we have hit rock bottom by now? The answer is that what we feel is acceptable evolves within our lifetimes. Also, when we look back, we sometimes paint ourselves in a good light. It's always easy to judge others.

Bellini said...

@dirty red: and back in the day we promised to never be like our parents--how ironic is that?

@t stephens:that's cool if you don't want to work--i don't have issues w/ that, but you can't expect shit, let alone a certain lifestyle at all--that's my beef

@kamakula:here's the thing and i touched on it a lil' per my comments to Stephens--all generations make stupid mistakes (that's a given,i.e. baby boomers and their affinity for drugs) but the question is will you do what's right or become responsible when adulthood begets that of you...look at all those boomers who are CEOs of Fortune 500 companies...so, what is the problem with our kids that we can't get it together...buckle down and get focused; and to add insult to injury they expect shit as if they don't understand life is quid pro quo. What you put in - is what you get.