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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Havana, here I come...

not so fast...

I had to push my regular post for the euphoria I'm feeling right now. There's a good chance my ass can make it to Havana -- legally of course! If the Obama administration normalizes relations with Cuba -- Havana here I come.

Yesterday, I read that Obama Opens Door to Cuba, but only a Crack. ok folks, baby steps. You know maybe it's the innate hubris of being American, but I was 90 miles north of Cuba 10 years ago. And I kept wondering, why Uncle Sam was holding me back from crossing the Florida Straits. Hmmmph!

My quixiotic affair with Havana is serious, considering I've never been there. All the mystique and intrigue is palpable. And as an internationalist, I've been denied my proper rights -- at least I think so... Think about it, I am your Renaissance Woman (see bio at right) and Uncle Sam is jeopardizing my status. Not fair. But like I mentioned two weeks ago and Amaretto echoed yesterday -- life ain't fair!

Now, what's interesting is the haters are already spewing hate. So, I skimmed the Washington Post this morning and their article on Cuba discusses the coveted interest of US telecommunication firms to establish lines on the island. The article quoted a professor as stating, "The infrastructure that exists there today is lousy, and the Cuban people are paid in pesos, which is worth nothing...They are thinking about buying food first." This may all be true. But I betcha by golly wow -- if Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile come down there they will be inundated with new Cuban subscribers. Why, because it is the capitalistic way.

Let's school Mr. Professor on Capitalism 101
If you create a niche market and coerce the consumer to feel the product is indispensable--consequently the product is a necessity. And sure enough, look at the mobile phone phenomena. People can't live without a damn cell phone. If the choice is between a mobile phone and a land line, the mobile phone trumps a land line any day. Oh,and when homeless people get with the program, On D.C. Streets, Cellphone as Lifeline --it's a wrap. Unbelievable. People can't turn a blackberry off. So, I don't know what the guy was talking about, probably was a Cuban exile who may never forgive Castro... and maybe rightfully so...but please don't knock my hustle. I'm trying to get to Havana! dreamin' in the meantime...




Rum Punch said...

Girl, take me with you when you go! Well not take me as in pay for me, but let me know what flight you on and where we will stay. :-) I'm ready to go! I know the woman who I met who "snuck in" from Mexico said the drive up the coast was just breathtaking. Squeal! Can't wait!

Bellini said...

@Rummy: silly-nilly, i knew what you meant... we'll make it there in due time as i twiddle my thumbs...!