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Monday, April 13, 2009

House Guests & Boyfriend #2

So I was just going to do a little music commentary on Pleasure P's Boyfriend #2 track but as I was writing this lovely post for you to read this morning, something more pressing kept interrupting. And what is it you say... that could possibly be driving me insane? Try house quests.

Now correct me if I am wrong for this...I love respectful house guests, keyword respectful. Here are just a few of the guidelines, I try to follow when staying with others, no matter if they are friends or family.

1. Ask before you plan to stay at someone's house. Don't just assume because you in town and you stayed there before you will be staying at their house again. I know this one goes without saying but I think family members try to get away with this one ALL the time.

2. Arrive when you say you will arrive.

3. Don't overstay your welcome. I will say it again...DON'T overstay your stay!

4. Always be prepared to show your appreciation. I tend to go over the top and leave a card or gift depending on how close I am to the host but a simple thank you or doing number 5, will do.

5. Keep your guest area neat. Even if you are a messy person, try your best to keep the guest area neat. If your host is anything like myself, they have made the extra effort to provide comfortable and neat accommodations. Deciding to bake a cornish hen immediately after they finished cooking and cleaning the kitchen is probably not a good idea.

6. Entertain yourself. Unless your host has made it clear that this stay is truly a visit to see them and they have taken time off from work, try not to interrupt their daily routine too much. (i.e. writing/posting their blog sunday night.) Of course this is within reason, loud music and annoying conversations lead me to number 7.

7. Don't keep your host up late. This is usually the result of someone struggling with number 6. I am not going to lie, this IS a tough one when you hanging with the girls and you haven't seen them in a long time. Pillow talk serves as the best time to play catchup. But let's keep it mutual.

8. Respect your host privacy. Just because you staying at somebody's house doesn't mean you have to be all up in their busy. If your host is on the phone, let them be on the phone without ease dropping. If your host wants talk about her telephone conversation, he or she will bring it up.


Every last one of these tips of being a good house guest were broken this weekend, one right after the other. And I am soooo ready to move out of my own house. (chuckle) What kind of craziness is this?


Okay now that I have vented... check this video out. Really? Dudes are willing to be boyfriend #2? I thought guys liked it when the story goes,
guy meets girl,
girl likes guy,
guy wants to be girl's boyfriend,
she dumbs boyfriend to be new guy's girlfriend
and they live happily ever after (minus some other stuff)

What is with all this "Call me when your n!gga ain't around, I don't mind being the dude on the side" mess? Am I missing something? This goes against the whole loyalty issue that men desire in a successful relationship. Correct me if I am wrong, I thought men don't play that dude on the side role very well and for very long before there starts to be some issues. Maybe when Pleasure P gets tired of playing number 2 he will drop another track, "You Deserve That Negro".
The beat is kind of catchy though... just wish the subject was better :)

Much luv for number one and two until next week... peace :)

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Anonymous said...

Karma is all I can say to this..something that starts off foul seldom ends sweet