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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tap Tap Tapping Away

Today I am at an offsite meeting. Cry for me ya’ll! Shed some real tears! My manager wants us to be here for 3 days…From this, ya’ll should know how these things tend to go and should not be surprised that I dusted off my old Negro tap shoes and white gloves and danced for the man. *Jazz Hands*

By the time I was finished he agreed that I needed to hold down the fort and participate for only a day and a half. Praise Him! Massa knows what’s up. Now true I might be missing out on some life changing information…but nothing career changing and really in the world of work that’s all that matters. Riiiiiiiight? Right.

So as I twiddle my thumbs, doodle in my notebook, thank the Lord for air conditioning and contemplate the meaning of life as a twenty-something working among a sea of forty, fifty and sixty somethings…. Enjoy your Tuesday ya’ll!

See You In Seven

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