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Monday, June 29, 2009

I <3 MJ

A couple of weeks ago, I started writing letters to my friends titled “When We First Met…” The purpose of these letters is to document the moment that I realized their existence. After loosing one of THE GREATEST Entertainer of our times, I thought it was only fitting that this morning I share my letter to Michael Jackson. Here goes…

Dear Michael,

When I first realized you existed was the day my parents got satellite TV. I was hiding on the side of the refrigerator, peeking around the corner to see the TV and there you were dancing in the subway station. I was 6 and in love!!! I don’t know if you remember but this video, it was like 15 minutes long. Who’s bad Wisley? (chuckle) “You doing wrong!!”

From that day Mikey, I was so curious about you. I started going through my parents’ record collection to find this classic. This one might have been a couple years before my time but this is MY FAVORITE MJ album! “I can’t help it even if I wanted to… I wouldn’t help it if I could.” NO question. I have no problem taking this to an abandoned island. I begged my dad to play this over and over. I was singing live you life off the wall before I even knew what that meant… “Life is short, live it off the wall!!”

Dad said, we have that other song you like too baby girl. That was the Thriller record.  I was like “WOW! This man is AWESOME!” Every song is GREAT! And you are the cutest man I have ever seen in a white suit. (chuckle)

At the time I wasn’t a fan of  P.Y.T, Beat It was my jam and I still hadn’t seen Thriller yet. But I remember when I did. I was by my best friend’s, her grandmother was napping and she said let’s watch this tape my brother left. It was Thriller! I covered my eyes for the majority of the video. We played it like 4 times. Dang that was a good and scary at the same time! But back to P.Y.T… this one has a special place in my heart because it was the song that my uncle danced with me at my cousin’s birthday party. I still remember that because my cousin was older than me and I was the youngest one there, no one to play with. I will never forget you Michael.

For the prep rally in 96, I revived Beat It, choreographed a dance and all for the school the day before the track meet.

Don’t Stop ‘til You Get Enough and Rock with You, had me convinced I meant to be a 70s baby. In fact, my default dance move is an adaptation of the moves in these videos to this day. I still rock like you! (chuckle) I have cried to that note, Roooooooccck with you… Mike

I spent countless lunch breaks trying to perfect the patented anti-gravity lean from Smooth Criminal’s music video. 

 I spent countless lunch breaks trying to perfect the patented anti-gravity lean from Smooth Criminal’s music video. Shook my body down to the ground. :)

Then the summer before high school I choreographed, what I called at the time, a spiritual dance to Keep the Faith. You couldn’t tell me Remember the time was not the ish!!! Used Dangerous for countless rounds of name that tone on the telephone. (chuckle) Oh man Michael, my first boyfriend sang me “You Are Not Alone”! That was truly an amazing collaboration with R. Kelly.

Urgh! I could go on forever with memories of each and every one of your songs. But there is one thing that is true… I will never ever forget the effect you had on my life. The effect your music will have on my children’s life. I don’t have to defend your music MJ! I don’t need to blame it on the alcohol but I will blame it on the boogie. (chuckle)

But don't worry, I remembered what you said... we can change the world!
No one delivers a message like you Mike! I am almost stop being a girlfriend when she tried to say you weren't all that. Are you serious? People who are not feeling this lost, have not taken a moment to listen to his music again. All I have to say is "Can you feel it?"

Much luv until next week... peace :)

P.S. Hope you got my message I left you at Apollo. I couldn't ask for a better place to be stranded without an umbrella than with a group of your fans sining at the top of our lungs while a little boy danced your moves to all of your tunes. I know you will live forever.


Courvoisier said...

Was I the only one wondering why Papa Jackson was at the BET awards?

Rum Punch said...

He said he was there to represent the family. Great post! I went to an MJ tribute on Saturday night and danced until I couldn't dance no more. Sweated my hair out and erythang. But what was soo beautiful was all the different kinds of people who were there - who knew the words to every song, who were dancing HARD, and were there to just honor MJ and his greatness!

Bellini said...

@courvoisier: you rock!

Courvoisier said...

Thanks Bellini... see you soon! :)

Rae said...

Wonderful post Courvoisier. I referenced your letter idea in my post at blushblog.com...

Keep up the good work!