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Friday, July 3, 2009

The Naked Truth

Ladies, I said ladies! You ever hopped up out the bed, turned your swag on, took a look in the mirror - butt ass nekkid (maybe with a hot ass pair of pumps on) and said, "Damn! I'm a bad bytch!"?

Even though you ain't even at the size you wanna be? Even though you're soft in places where Beyonce might be hard? Even though you have a lil' cellulite, your booty jiggles and your girls don't sit as high as they once did? Even though society might try to tell you otherwise - you ever just looked at yourself in the mirror and thought you were the shyt? Not on some 'I'm better than you'. But just on some I love myself. I have. I've even done a little dance in the mirror. Posed for the cameras, now click. And it feels good.

And for those of you who haven't - try it someday. Take a good look at yourself, take it all in, and then embrace what you see. Last Fourth of July, I put up Outkast's Liberation, cause too many times we as Black people feel we still ain't free in this country. But then we got us a President and apparently we'z free now. Tee hee. So I'm putting the song up again this year for a different reason, for us ladies to focus on the following words: "Can't worry 'bout what another nygga think, now that's liberation and baby I want it!" So I reiterate what Courvoisier said a few weeks ago. Love yourself bytches.* And I'm out this mothafcuka. Drops mic and goes back to enjoying a drank in New Orleans with the other ladies from the 5 Spot.

That's my time y'all! Happy Rum Punch Friday!

*And I'm only calling you bytch cause I don't know your names individually.


cinco said...

@ Rum Punch- no offense taken by he name calling lol.

Wishing all of you fun times, good memories and safe returns to your homes.

I love me! I feel damn thankful and good about what I am (naked and all), what I offer and what joy life is too me.

Courvoisier said...

Really, you calling us bytch cause you don't know our names individually? (chuckle)

Anonymous said...

Great post! Every once in a while a bytch needs to be reminded to love herself (soft spots and all, LOL).

Rum Punch said...

@ cinco - Thanks! We all made it back safe and sound! And we had a fabuloust time in NOLA! And isn't loving yourself a beautiful thang?

@ Courvoisier - Tee hee. Yes, I'm is! I'm Katt Williams up in this be-yotch!

@ Anon - Thanks! I had to remind myself of it when I saw Yonce perform on Friday night and nothing shook or jiggled. Lol. Gotta love these soft spots, but also be committed to working out more.