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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Courvoisier is loving herself!

Shortly after my soon-to-be-ex-husband and I separated, I went home for my 10 year high school reunion and I have to tell you I was feeling pretty down on myself. But I have to thank a good friend of mine for telling me, over drinks...

"Man [insert my government name here], (chuckle) 
it don' sound like ya lovin' ya'sef!" 

He was right and he most definitely was not use to seeing me this way. I say all this to say, I am not really sure all the ladies out there in the world are truly loving themselves. It doesn't take a break up to live by this motto. You should be living by it all the time. And should you happen to forget, you need to find that one friend to remind you "Love yourself sweety!" (The term is really "I'm loving myself" but you get the point. chuckle!) So now knowing what I believe in, it really gets under my skin when women don't love and stay true to themselves.

Case-s and Point-s: (check the plural... chuckle)

1. You notice your man is giving a little extra attention to this artsy chick, who is sending him pictures of paintings and so forth, so you decide to dig up drawings you did in high school to show him in front of her, to prove a point. Are you serious? Love yourself chica. Artsy chick ain't concerned with you or your man like that. You don't see artsy chick giving advice on how to diagnose a common illness. She is an artist, you are a nurse. Do you! Love yourself and leave that chic alone.

2. Why in the world did he get with her, after we broke up? Better yet, why did he choose her over me? Is it because she is slimmer, prettier, funnier, or whatever you could insert here to complete this idiotic question (chuckle). Maybe I should change my hair, start working out, speaking a different language, get plastic surgery, if that is what he sees in her and likes. Again, are you serious? If you look the same as you did when you two got together believe me he obviously didn't have a problem then. Do you! Love yourself and leave that chic alone.

3. So I heard you moved back into the city, you party on Fridays and have met quite a bit of new people. I am going to move back into the city too and hit up these parties with you. Oh, but hold on how come I am not meeting anyone? Oh, I don't know? Is living in the city and partying on Friday's your scene? Let's see this is the third scenario (chuckle). Everybody say, "Do you! Love yourself and leave that chic aaaaloooone!"

Too often, we chicas forget how to do us. Our initial reaction is always what's up with this other chick that is not up with me. Or I'm about to whip this other chick's a$$. Or that chic ain't as good as me. Now yes that last statement might be true but let's not loose sight of where the focus is supposed to be. When you busy loving yourself or doing you, you ain't got time to be worried about what some other chick who you don't even know is doing. You have no idea of her story so why waste the energy on her. If you suspect Jamal is running the streets or has lost interest, take that up with him... NOT THE CHICK! If your girl appears to be happy with life, don't bad mouth her or try to be like her. Do you! Love yourself! Do what it takes to make you happy.

So on this fine Monday, I encourage you all to "Do you! Love yourself!" And if you don't know what exactly that is... take yourself on a date and figure that out because I am not sure how you can be giving yourself to another in a relationship if you don't. And if Remy can sing about loving herself then you know we all can! (chuckle)

Here is to loving yourself... until next week, peace :) 


mint julep said...

great post! remy ma was good for one thing....this song. loves it!

Amaretto said...

LOL @ Number 1! You never told me she was a nurse! Good Stuff!