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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You So Crazy!

The thing about women is that we are wonderfully complex emotional beings. So in a word, we’re AWESOME! But because of our complexities, we are at times one good hormonal imbalance or “Oh no he didn’t” away from yielding all sane and rational thought to the Crazy Chick (CeCe) that lies within. And no matter if a woman is Ms. Independent, educated in the finest halls of academia and can write a good check with a whole bunch or zeroes; or if she’s Ms. Ghetto Fabulous who learned her way through the streets and the system…every woman has a CeCe deep inside her, who can show up and show out when she feels it’s necessary. The annoying part about women folk is that sometimes it isn’t necessary to summon the power of CeCe.

Ladies, please leave CeCe chillin’ deep inside when:

* It’s Sunday after church You’re hungry. You want fried chicken. Popeye’s has run out. Sure it doesn’t make sense that a chicken establishment has run out of chicken, especially since they should have known you were coming for your two piece and a biscuit. But they did. CeCe doesn’t have to come out and tell little Tawanna working the register that she and her whole family are booty scratchers from Africa. That just ain’t necessary ladies. A simple eye roll and head shake will do (resist the temptation to suck your teeth). You can go someplace else and write a letter to the district manager when you get home…you might get a free meal out of it! If CeCe is running things, you’ll probably just get a police escort out of the facility cause little Tawanna has her own CeCe who doesn’t play that!

* After a nice dinner Instead of going to the movies, your man suggests taking a nice walk around the neighborhood. Now true you really wanted to see the latest Tyler Perry flick, but girl stop playing yourself, you know you could lose a pound or two. How long did it take you to button your skin tight apple bottom jeans? And now it hurts when you laugh and breathe. So he ain’t ready for you to get all “What you trying to say Ray-Ray?” on him. You don’t have to talk about his big breasted momma or ask him when his baby is due. Tell CeCe to chill, there’s no reason for you to bust out crying because you think Ray-Ray is calling you a fat-a$$. It’s quality time with your man, stop being insecure and enjoy the physical activity.

* You’re at work
Some coworkers are talking about a crime committed in the community that you live and how it’s a shame that those people continue to do that to each other. Now you know that they live in far out west bubble and therefore are not qualified to speak on the subject. Now this is tricky because every CeCe believes in educating the ignorant but because you are in the workplace CeCe is going to have to fall back due to her tendency to raise your voice and cause involuntarily finger snapping and neck rolling. This may scare your coworkers so much that they won’t be able to hear you preach the truth that they don’t know nothing about nothing. Instead, after moving past their audacity you can casually mention that you reside in that neighborhood and there are a lot of good people who live there. Or if you don’t want those mothasuckas in your business, you could just say that crime is spreading all over the place, even in far out west bubble, smile and then walk away.

Now don't get me wrong, there are times when the power of CeCe is necessary! But I feel women as a whole need to just take a moment to breathe before they speak or lodge that brick between their man’s windshield. As my friend said, it annoys her when women, under the guise of keeping it real, lose tact and feel that they have the right to always tell it like it T-I-Tis. Not so ladies, not so. Even when you know in your soul you are right, use your inner CeCe only when necessary. Don’t lose yourself in her power, afterall that heffa is crazy!

See You In Seven


Anina said...

I am not going to abbreviate this...


CeCe and I are cracking up at my desk. Amaretto if I didn't know you well I would swear you was a serious CeCe 99% of the time instead of 1%. Props for keeping your CeCe under control so well, like a true lady.

Rum Punch said...

BWAAAHHH!! Ahhh yes CeCe lies within each of us - for some she is hidden deep and for others she is just bubbling right under the surface. I do so appreciate you, Amaretto, for speakin to my inner CeCe when I was thisclose to calling my cousins and outsourcing violence. That's what friends are for. Tee hee.

Courvoisier said...

Rum - She is good at that, isn't she? She stopped me from slashing tires just two months ago. No Joke!!!

Rum Punch said...

@ Courvoisier - I know right! She comes in w/ truth and logic and uses words like po-lice.

Amaretto said...

LOL! You all are so silly! Yes, I can't let your CeCes get you a record...that just ain't cute!