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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Love Is Blind?

So good readers of the 5 spot what would you do in total and complete darkness? Would you dress yourself? Eat a dinner? Date?

I really wanted to see ABCs
Dating in the Dark last night, but I got into the book I was reading and totally forgot that it was on. But aside from being a “reality” tv lover and a gal who enjoys hearing couples’ “the story of us” I just wondered what it would be like for people to meet without knowing what the other looked like. Now would I be so bold and brazen to meet someone in complete darkness and attempt to share the goodness that is Amaretto? Probably not. Having eaten dinner at a restaurant in total darkness, I can say that the experience is completely disorienting and messy…and then you get use to it…and then you go back to your life being able to see what’s in front of you and you appreicate how much easier eating becomes.

I definitely can’t say that I am the type of well adjusted un-shallow person who could hold on to how much my date made me laugh when I finally see that he has an eye patch and no front teeth. Could I really take one eyed Willy to the meet the family or even just outside into the light of the world? Me thinks not. Because we need things to make sense when we see couples and hear their stories. Life makes sense we when we see two attractive people together or two ugly people together, but we start to wonder what’s good when a dime is with a penny. We think something just ain’t right, screw personality and a sense of humor someone’s either got have the best sexual abilities EVER or someone’s gotta have a trust fund. Period.

And while I submit that the blind citizens of the world probably have the best relationships with people in their circles…it seems that
Dating in the Dark’s gimmick is the great moment of reveal! Will the connection remain after seeing what they connected to? The viewer gets to delight in hearing the contestant go on and on about mister or miss wonderful all the while knowing that based on appearances no amount of maturity will keep the constant thinking how dreamy they are. It all rather like a Greek tragedy. Seeing someone in the light makes all the difference in the world. I think that says a lot about society and people and a whole bunch of other things about this world we live in… but Dating in the Dark makes for great television and I can’t wait to watch it next week!

See You In Seven


Rum Punch said...

Well having recently made selections based more on personality than looks - I learned lots about myself and the importance of inner beauty. Tee hee.

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