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Monday, July 20, 2009

Ordinary People Suffering From Celebrity Woes

In the age of iPhones and Facebook, it seems as if ordinary people are likely to suffer from celebrity woes. There used to be a time when I wouldn’t have to worry about public scrutiny because there was no public for the ordinary folks. Kiss those days goodbye people! (chuckle) Easy access to the web and convenient picture taking devices have destroyed your privacy. You guys know how I like to do… case and points (chuckle)

1. Popo-razzi (Photographers who take candid photos of ordinary people)
Case: Out on the town, sipping drinks with the ladies and somehow photos of you doing this end up on Facebook or some social night life website. Your girlfriend emails it to you to say, “Where were you last night?” All that is missing is the caption.

2. Stalker
There is really not much to say about this… in fact,
I blogged about this one already. It is what it is… even ordinary people have them now.

3. “Who rocked It?” (A lil’ play on YFB’s Who Ran It?)
Case: We all know the store makes one more than one dress but nothing is worst than showing up to the same event to find another chick rocking it also. Well how about having a picture of you posted in an outfit and then having another picture of the same outfit worn by another chick. Really, there is no going back… who rocked it? I am going to have to say the person who didn’t should take the picture down. (chuckle… j/k)

4. Pulling a Megan Good (Wearing the same outfit on more than enough occasions)
Case: Nobody wants to see a celebrity wear something twice, whereas for ordinary people, this is why we do laundry. BUUUTTT, I got to say it NOBODY wants to be photographed in anything more than twice within the same month. After a friend told me because she was tagged in the same dress on more than 3 occasions, she tossed the dress, I was like “Hold up, what is the world coming to? What does my virtual wardrobe look like?” (chuckle) I am firing the stylist!

One word… craziness… I tell you! (chuckle) I know some folks who let this mess actually get to them. All I have say is own this, you have to be able to laugh at yourself every once in a while. And if you don't want to own your behavior and appearance... stay in doors. (chuckle)

Here is a throwback for you…

Much luv until next week... peace :)


Rum Punch said...

LOL! #4 is totally me! Now I ain't crazy, I don't throw out my clothes. But you know how you have your outfits. The ones you know you look fly in. So you can wear them out on the town to different events and no one will be the wiser. But... if you take photos at each of these events - people will think you ain't got but 3 outfits! HAHAHA! I'll look at some of my photos like really Rum Punch, you have other clothes.

Courvoisier said...

Tell me about it... I know a quy that is photographed in the same button down like 10 times on FB. (chuckle) Let me stop. Anyway... it just adds another thing to be cognitive of when you pack/get dressed for these social events.

mint julep said...

i dream about this moment. it involves pulling the plug on all my self-created paparazzi styles. simultaneously shutting down the f'book, myspace, twitter, bberry messenger, gchat, tm's, phone calls all at once. becoming unknown to the digital world. mf'ers would freak out. but ahhh wouldn't that be nice.