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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

greek sensibilities

I nor anyone @ the 5spot is a greek. Yet, we got plenty of greek friends. So, over the weekend the Kappas were in town celebrating their centennial I think. And my friend of the pink & green variety and I were scheduled to go to dinner with another mutual friend. However, that didn’t work out. So my friend of the pink & green variety, suggests the following: “I say let’s do a drive by their host hotel. I have a meeting until 7:30 but am free after that. “

Hmmmm…. sounds like some groupie-ish to me? Sometimes, I’m known to be of an uber-independent mind as if I exist in exile on an island to myself… So, I phone Rummy and share the scenario and she cosigns “Yup, that’s some groupie-ish.”

So, I reply to the friend of the pink & green variety that “I don't think the Kappas want to be around women whilst they're undergoing their event?” right, fair enough. I mean this is the fellas weekend to do some male-bonding, network, kick-it, do me!!!

Ahhhh… sh*t, she countered with the following, ” Every kappa I saw at my hotel invited me over. What do you propose?

Disclaimer: My friend of the pink & green variety is married, happily is debatable, married nonetheless…

Luckily, this exchange continues while Rummy and I chat up my options.

So, I reply, “well do you just want us to go to dinner anyway? are the kappas hosting a gala for wives over the weekend?” I figure if I can swing the subject away from kappas, we’d be in a neutral zone and she’d get the hint Bellini ain’t partyin’ wit’ no Kappas

But did it work???

They’re event is over on Sun. [Hubby] is not active so no access to the kappa wives stuff. We can just hang out with or without dinner. Let me know if you are interested. “

Nope it didn’t, so our dodged her ass all weekend, be’cuz I was irritated with the kappa nonsense. And while doing me, met a Kappa from Atlanta anyway. Go figure

For you greeks, Bellini ain’t got nothing against the greeks, on the real tip – got love for y’all, but their just ain’t no greek up in me. No aunties that pledged, no desire to cross over – sorry folks. Clearly, that’s a world I don’t fully understand.




Growing Georgia Girl aka Coco said...

Stay away from Atlanta kappas!

Bellini said...

okkkkk...by the way the Atlanta kappa is married