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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

take no prisoners

After giving you guys a nice summer reprieve, it's time to talk that political ish. Considering there's some type of election to be had in November for all of us. And since my interim report (100 days recap), I haven't given ya much... until now. Where do I start?

How is it... with unemployment rising, continued dissatisfaction with Medicaid, and most folks wish they could cut their health insurance premium or increase their benefits package -- that-- surveys on Americans viewpoint on the President's actions on healthcare are poor? Oh, and what about the genius that is Cokie Roberts shared a few weeks ago on This Week w/ George Stephanopolous (did i spell that right) did the elderly on the picket lines swearing Uncle Sam not to intervene with healthcare-have amnesia to the fact that Medicaid is a government program?!!< hmmmmm... and President's Carter theory isn't exactly airtight. Now don't get me wrong he's picking up on some amorphous, nuanced, subtle innuendo but that abstract notion can't be quantified nor is it tangible. So, it's credibility is undermined.

back to the drawing board...

Now I don't know who the President designated as his pushaman... Memo to pushaman: If you're reading this today, you're doing a pisspoor job! Unequivocally. This healthcare issue should have been a slam dunk -- ok I kid -- at least a glide to do a few layups and hit nothin' but net from the 3-point line. You feel me?

The amalgam of high unemployment and other factors I've mentioned should have folks on the picket lines. Instead, we have nuts on the picket lines, at the town hall meetings, etc. And who is naive in the Administration that felt lax in defining the President's vision on healthcare in crafty, yet meaningful soundbites.?!?!
Tell me who?

Obama acolytes have we not learned anything from Clintonites? dammit when the Clintonnites were down everybody knew it was time to fight back-- a la take no prisonsers variety. When it comes to healthcare, how come I only feel like its the Commander-in-Chief that is fighting back? shit even Jordan needed Scottie Obama acolytes where you at? Where was the blitzkreig effort when the siege of town hall meetings received 24 hour coverage on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, therby coercing the tone and message of the national dialogue on healthcare. And why do we have comments like this, "When it comes to ... health care, no one is completely happy. Everyone has a complaint. And nobody understands the way the current system works, only that it doesn't work very well. Washington Post" But see, this is where the Administration has failed, "[There is]support [to] reform... the system ... But [Americans] h[ave] stopped paying attention once the "ridiculous shouting matches" and "death panel nonsense" came to dominate the debate."

"These are the people President Obama counted on to give his signature health-care reform effort the grass-roots oomph it needs to get through Congress. But no one ... has taken his or her private frustrations to a public meeting; no one has lobbied a lawmaker."

That shit is problematic folks.

Mr. President when you return from Copenhagen (hoping you're successful in wooing the International Olymbic Committee to allow Chicago to host the 2016 Olympics) you need to provide your staff a pep talk and tell your pushaman to get with the program. Or buy bye...



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