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Monday, September 28, 2009

What do you say, Courvoisier? (Part 4)

Dear Courvoisier,
I want to know why an intelligent young lady, like myself gets kind of crazy after hooking up with a man who has rocked her world. It is not like I am one to easily fall in love but every once in a while someone comes along and puts it on me where it takes me a day or two to recover. Lord help me, if I act upon these urges and call asking for a second helping… it is seems to make the situation worst. I am not sure why I act this way knowing that I am not even interested in pursuing a relationship any further. Why do I get sprung so easily?

Well, I am no expert but here is what I have to say. Sounds like homeboy made your oxytocin stock sky rocket! It is okay but note, this is NOT happening because you love him. Oxytocin is like the scientific excuse for why we women are sprung. It exists for men too but their testosterone seems to level it out so they don’t have the clingy effect afterwards. Lucky! It is a hormone that is released during sex or breast feeding that allows you to form a bond. (Hill mentions this in his book also… so if you haven’t read it consider this another nurge. Chuckle)

I say this with the funniest bone in my body, it is important for a woman to know this is a possible reason for wanting to hold onto the man you just met and hooked up with last night. We aren’t all whores (chuckle) well maybe some of you are. (chuckle)

Try on some of these for practice when your oxytocin won’t chill out…

  1. Hit the gym or go for a walk. Get some of the other hormones going... and keep them going until you can’t anymore from the pain. (chuckle)
  2. Every time you think to invite him over, call a girlfriend. Talk her head off about him or anything. Just don’t invite him over just yet. I haven’t figured out what to do if he hunts you down… you on your own with that one. (chuckle)
  3. Pick back up that hobby of yours. You do have a hobby right? (chuckle)
  4. Drink one glass of wine… just enough to take off the edge but not enough to make you call. (chuckle)

That’s all I got, hopefully the other four can help you with more suggestions.

Much luv until next week with low levels of oxytocin… peace :)

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