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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Adults Only

So a funny thing happened when I asked my Dad to gift me some money for this piece of property I am trying to acquire with da bank. He asked if the young man he met at the property over the weekend would be moving in as well. Um seriously, daddy?! Hell no! There are no rings, and at less than 700 square feet I am essentially living in a closet. And beyond all that-he’s got his own and I don’t do stupid trash like that! But my dad simply stated that you never know and he as a father and me being his only child-just had to ask. And I guess so, because in these days and times women often suspend logic, reason, good and common sense all to make relationships work.

Rum’s post had me popping my neck saying all sorts of hell no’s I’ll never stand with a foolish man…when for real for real you never know what you are or aren’t going to do until you are in that situation, until you have become part of a we. But then again, there are some things that you just know about yourself. Just like if I am a well to do woman I think it will be hard for me not to see if Target has something on Sale. Even if I can support a 3rd world country with the money in my bank account it will be hard for me to pay full price for things…but we shall see right?

I’ve concluded that this relationship thing is more art than science, there are no if/then clauses when dealing with folks. But I just love watching the legal eagle judge shows in which a teary eyed young woman pleads her case against Mister Shiftless, Mister Baby I just thought it was a gift, Mister I’m going to live in your place but cheat in your bed because we never sign no papers. Girl what were you thinking? Was he worth the sacrifice?
As a good Pastor said on Saturday night, folks should stop playing house after age 5! Preeeeach! Because when you live this life, work your job, try to make a dollar out of 15 cents you realize its hard out here for pimps and regular folk alike. While I don’t have a problem helping someone out if they catch me right after payday, I do have a problem with you showing up on my doorstep every other Friday cause that’s when we get paid.

We? Um nope, it’s just me.

While I am not building houses or saving lives for a living, it takes a lot for me to get up in the morning, get dressed and shuck and jive with the man and my coworkers to get my little check. It takes a lot for me to act how a must and not how I feel, and keep my internal monologue internal. To go along to get along in the world of working. It takes a lot when you realize that you do need to work to live and you just can’t quit because the job sucks like you did when you were 16. Cause that’s what this real adult thing is about- having responsibilities and not complaining about it because who doesn’t? And maturity often causes us to slay our whining and helps us to learn to deal with life responsibly.

I assured my dad that I stopped playing house a loooooong time ago. And then I thanked him for helping me get further into adulthood!

See You In Seven

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Courvoisier said...

When were you playing house? Did I miss something... Lol