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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

history's utility?

Since Amaretto, coerced us to take it back oh and please click on her link-i must say Bellini provided some sage advice back then... I found myself venturing back to my collegiate days. Sophmore year- I think. Sitting in my political sci class, biding my time, until the Professor threw this into the universe...

If we follow the trends of global hegemony, will the US still be the premiere power in your golden years?

scrreeecchh...stop the presses! whoa sally!...
come again

Now the diehard history maven in me found this utterly intriguing. For the sake of history, my professor was on to something. The realist in me had to concede to the logic of the argument. However, the American in me had to give her the side eye whatchya talkin' about Willis

And then to add insult to injury, I just read this. And one must reckon the status quo must cease to exist. But says who? And under whose timetable? A snapshot of friends my age will reveal, since embarking on our professional careers, none of us have remained with the same employer for 5 years. Fcku social security and a pension, it's up to 401K or 403B, savings, IRAs, insurance policies, and we can't forget about bonds either to the chagrin of Ms. Philly. And somebody pray for the millenials -- they're expected to live as centennials.

And everyone says China is coming for our asses. The Chinese have made inroads in Africa, South America... should we be scared? naw we're trading partners right? I put 20 on the Russians first - imo. And yet Frederick Douglass hit the bullseye when he uttered the words "power concedes nothing without demand" i think that's the phrase verbatim. But we should be alright 'cuz Economics 201 suggests trade is a deterrent to war. i sure hope so

Was my college professor on to something or was she just pushing for some intellectual vigor. It makes you wonder?...

I know one thing for sure should we make it through this economic meltdown intact - you can't tell me nothing! cue Kanyeeze



P.S. please make sure ya pray for him!


Rum Punch said...

I just came in here to say - you love you some bonds! LOL!

Bellini said...

yes i do - and folks it don't hurt to accrue themselves some bonds too, best next thing to gold!

Courvoisier said...

I do too!