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Monday, October 19, 2009

When Your Home is no Longer Your Home

People always ask me "How come you are not living home (The Bahamas)?"

And my response as always been, "Home isn't going anywhere..."

But on this recent visit, I realized Home really isn't going anywhere and after 10 years of not living on this tropical island the things I miss are no longer the same. I still remember the first time I went home, I missed NOTHING about being stateside. Now, I find myself occasionally missing some of the everyday things that I enjoy. So here I am 10 years later, not sure that home still feels like home anymore.

Mind you I am having a GREAT time, playing catch-up with all my peeps... but it just doesn't feel like home. Even my friends are treating my visit like a visit... nothing worst than when they say "This ________ from Philly" What?

So where is home? Hmm... I really don't know.
Is it time to start calling Philly home? Don't think that this going to work. (chuckle)

I guess my home is really where my art and heart is.

Much luv until next week... peace and a little bit of warmth from the islands:)

P.S. This track is sick!!! Bubble-bubble-bubbler!

Champion Bubbler - Vybz Kartel Feat Lisa Hype


Tina W said...

Well as a person who grew up all over the country I always pause when people ask me where I am from. Because for real for real I don't know. But you definitely know that you are from the Bahamas but as we get older, wiser and exposed to different things-home starts to look differently, its the natural order of things.

And you know you can't say you are from Philly! No way! No how!

Courvoisier said...

At first I thought West Coast T wrote this... totally missed the W because you know she lived all over too.

Localicious said...

lol, i can't be too mad that u thought the first comment was me. but for future reference, here's my handle :-) anyway, we both know u from the bahamas girl! i agree w/ tina w, u can't be claimin philly like that. and for the record i did not live "all over" lol. i only lived in 3 states b4 my fam settled in the dc/md area :-P

Courvoisier said...

Whateva localicious... the average american doesn't grow up in 4 states over a life time.