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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Random Musings

I enjoyed my extra hour of sleep

Even on the ground the leaves look very lovely this year

I am a stress eater

My co worker is very emotional

I hate moving

I’m thankful for my job, but I don’t love working

I am no longer a phone person, but I like texting and face to face conversations

People are surprised that President Obama hasn’t fixed everything yet

People will do anything for free stuff

Money will always come and go

Prayers do get answered

Walmart selling caskets is funny

Christmas is in 52 days

Fried chicken from some Chinese carryout is delicious

A new year starts in 58 days

Tights really keep you warm

Men love attention too

They always discontinue my favorite lip gloss

I miss television theme songs

It’s been a long time since I had a glass of chocolate milk

Reality home improvement shows make it look so easy

Children are an even greater commitment

Why do today what you can do tomorrow-is not something to live by

Next week I won’t wait this late to write a post!

See You In Seven

1 comment:

Rum Punch said...

Random Responses:

- I'm an emotional eater.
- Yes, moving sucks. I really should start packing NOW.
- Prayers DEFINITELY get answered. But always in God's time. Learn that the "hard" way.
- I really need some cute tights for the season. This woman at church had on some that were fabulous!
- Yeah I wonder what happened to TV theme songs. I guess it's our short attention span. But back in the day a theme song told you exactly what the show was all about.
- Children are an even greater commitment Word.