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Monday, November 30, 2009

Random Ramblings

This is my first time kicking one of these out... (clear my throat)

1. Found a new blog site to read at leisure that makes you raise eyebrow at times: http://vigilantcitizen.com

2. Realized I love Lady Gaga even though she is VERY strange.

3. Finding the social experiment of Match.com entertaining.

4. Happy and confident that I decided to continue to focus my energy on my passion and not be wooed by Big Corporate America

5. Considered calling an old fling after watching him on TV last night... decided against it. The past is the past.

6. I still miss Mr.

7. Finally got rid of cable so now I can seriously consider renting my own artist studio space.

8. I don't really want to go home for Christmas, does that make me a bad daughter?

9. Sometimes I wish booty calls didn't exist especially when they actually wake you up.

10. I ate too much on Thursday... working out with a cold is going to kill me this week.
Much luv until next week peace :)

P.S. Did I really have a crush on this guy in the '90s?


Courvoisier said...

Could someone tell me the purpose of Mr. Fox in the video?

Amaretto said...

I can't tell you why Mr. Fox is in the video-the GGJ internet is blocking fun yet again!

@#3-When phone calls are necessary-cause that's what I thought you said but I couldn't really hear you!

@#6-Awwwww. But that's only natural.

@#7-Was cable costing you THAT much?! :0

@#10-As a former H1N1 sufferer... Illness-like a sprained ankle ain't nothing to play with! (c) Drake

Localicious said...

lol @ havin a crush on snoop. it's OK girl, we all fell for the hype when he first came out! love the stream of consciousness post. u shld do this more often. @ #6, awww in unison with amaretto. time will help u work it out.
i'm considerin gettin rid of cable myself. at least until i get this dissertation done! but i'm also not sure if i can handle not havin tv :-/
not wanting to go home for Christmas doesn't make u a bad daughter. sometimes it's like that. if i was gonna be in cali around that time i'd say come visit me. but i'll be home too, bein a good daughter.