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Thursday, December 3, 2009

no title

I really liked the random musings. Got my own lil twist with some 20 questions flavor. Like to hear it, here it go...

1. How do you get sugar from a sugar daddy without coming out and asking "daddy can I have some sugar?"

2. Can a man ever just send you a "friendly" bouquet of flowers?

3. Marriage aint for everybody. And like phonte say, you might not know that till you get married.

4. Is it racist if you can't stand the sound of the voices of a particular race's female members only?

5. Should a woman ever make the first move and ask a man out?

6. Did curiosity really kill the cat or was it that thing the cat did that she aint had no business doing?

7. Some days I wanna be married but then when I think about the actual mechanics of it or meet some guy who I'm not feeling who flirtatiously tells me he is looking for a wife, I have a change of heart.

8. I'm really lovin' Gossip Girl right now. I firmly believe it's the best show on tv right now. The drama. The comedy. It's like the White tween's The Game.

9. Who needs fidelity when you're married to the one of the richest people in the world? So long as you don't disrespect the family wit no outside kids and national enquirer front page stories. Keep that shit discreet and for physical gratification purposes only.

10. Nude lip colors are supercute on peeps like Beyonce, J.Lo, and the random super model. How does it work for chocolate girls like me? Do I need to find a chocolate colored lip gloss to achieve that look?


LH said...

Wow ... number three is my sh*t!!! I'm gonna have to steal that one.

Localicious said...

#1, girl u can't! the words daddy and sugar are prereqs to get what u want, lol!
#4, no it's not racist UNLESS u behave more negatively toward these chicks. however, it is def sexist!
#5, i'm not sure about this one. i think some men def need help cuz they won't make the first move. but then my question is, are they just arrogant or plain old punks. in either case he has automatically become UNDATEABLE!! lol
#6, that kitty died b/c she was doin somethin she ain't had no bidness doin! curiosity may have led her to it, but she ain't have to go there for reals
#10, yes. once u find the shade of gloss that matches ur lip color, u too will be fabulous w/ ur "nude" lip color :)

Courvoisier said...

Yes... I agree with Loca except I do think #1 is possible.

#2 - Yup. I received one or two of those. I was quite flattered. Thank you gestures for favors.

#3 is so true. (Amaretto and I just spoke about this last night and she asked to spill my crazy logic on that one...so I will stay tuned.)

#10 I love the nude lips... my cousin is your complexion and she does it all the times. Besides you can definitely pull it off you have the eyes for it. Bump up the mascara and you STRAIGHT!