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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Feeling Sad?

It seems to be going around like the piggy flu these days. Now that it gets darker earlier more of the folks I know are complaining about being tired and blue. Well like in all things the folks that be have given this feeling a name. They came up with SAD. I know I know, did it really take a team of scientists and some Freudian disciples to develop this term? “Road Rage” and “Sexting” have greater rings to them don’t they? But alas, Seasonal Affective Disorder is running rampant at my good ole government job. People are oversleeping, have a lack of energy and concentration. People tend to over eat when they are SAD. True story-today at Chipotle the woman in front of me order three meat tacos and a meat topped salad. So what, right? Well she got it for “Here” and she ate alone. Now I’m not scientist-but I think that lady was SAD or at least the situation was. As a big girl who enjoys her food-when I feeling the greedies I tend to take my stuff to go. Binging should be done in the privacy of one’s home, in front of the tv with optional or comfortable clothing. *Ahem* But I digress.

So why am I talking about being SAD? Because there is a cure-and I got nothing else this week. How can I say that when Elgin-er Tiger Woods still hasn’t told us if his wife beat him up with his golf clubs?! So the cure for Sadness apparently it is light! My coworker was telling me today that she was hitting up Amazon.com in search of a light therapy lamp for her desk. So I was like “What you talking about co-worker?” To which she enlightened me. She’s been feeling tired and sad a lot lately and she believe that this whole light therapy treatment will be her cure. I wondered if this was really and truly possible. Not some hubbub thrown together by a mystic or one of those hippy people trying to get their insurance company to pay for a trip to Jamaica for medical reasons! So when I got back to my desk I went to go to Google University for a quick lesson. It was like a whole new world ya’ll. I felt like Columbus in 1492, discovering something that had already been found. You would think that this was only big business in Alaska, or maybe part of the lore on par with the Loch Ness monster. But SAD and
it’s therapy are real! And adults in places other than California, Florida and the southwest are suffering.

So if you suddenly find yourself feeling sad don’t blame it on the alcohol or the fact that another year is just around the corner and you haven’t accomplished all that you aspired to. I am here to tell you that science, medicine and maybe even the light bulb industry have named your ailment. You are just SAD. Don’t you feel better now that you know what you got? Once the days get longer, or you buy a lamp this feeling will soon pass. Oh wouldn’t it be nice if doctors could prescribe all expense paid trips to Caribbean? Do you think Obama could sneak that into the healtcare plan?

I know I’m an idealist!

See You In Seven


Rum Punch said...

I realize that I am/have (?) SAD. Especially with all this rain. I don't think I ever really took notice of how the weather can have an affect on me. I don't know how people in Seattle do it. But I say all that to say, I ain't gettin no light. All I need is JESUS!

In other news - while no one should ever be on the verge of gettin they ass beat with a golf club and have to flee into the night - that Tiger mess has me chuckling. And Elin is in a word, gangsta. But I was never a fan of Tiger. Once he started talkin that Cablinasian, I knew he wasn't wrapped too tight.

Courvoisier said...

Um... I sure wish I read this post before eating those chicken wings as a reaction to bossman telling me I won't get my expense check until the 20th?!? YIKES!!!

Localicious said...

i for one wld like to say livin in cali has not removed my SAD risk. i get about 15min while drivin to work. and then it's florescent(sp?) lights almost all day :-( sadly (no pun intended) the sun is down by time i leave work. i hear vitamins d & b12 can do wonders for energy and mood.

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