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Monday, January 4, 2010

Black and Bitter Sweet?

One our readers asked us to comment on the Washington Post article, here is my response in true men-on-film-with-a-hint-of-monique-l-o-v-e.

Hel-lo…I am Courvoisier 2010, also known as Crazy Chic at times and this week I am going to say a lil’ something on the Bitch is the new Black.


(deep sigh)


Baa-by! I could go on and on about the issues that I have with this view of black women but I just can’t do it this morning, Shhhug-ar! I just don’t have the strength.

But I will say this…

1. NO woman has it all together. First assumption out the gate that we need to get rid of! Are there some women who have it a little more together than others… YES Baaaa-by! Yes! I would like to think I am one of them. (chuckle)

Second, does this make us GREAT mates? Not necessarily.

There is something ugly and stank (yes... I said stank) about women who think because they have it together financially, that they are together emotionally. That goes for black, white, green and purple people. Unlike this author and the ladies on the dateline special.... my circle of friends doesn't only consist of lonely, single black ladies looking for a man. Seems like these ladies aren't really living. They dibble dabbling doing all the finer things in life but are they making true human connections? Just curious.

Dating is difficult across the board, this is true. But how about we start with who we are, what we TRULY like and enjoy before venture out into the world of what we want in a mate. Most women don't know that until the late 20s and early (so I have been told). I almost want to say especially for sistas whose first goal and purpose in life is to be financial secure and achieve some sort of success. Note, this only my personal opinion but very few of us go to college to find ourselves. (chuckle)

And before I get heated... I am still waiting for these women to describe themselves without mentioning their 9 to 5 or past accomplishments. (snap, snap!)

Much luv until... next week peace :)

P.S. I will BE checking out the movie though because she does have a point worth hearing.

1 comment:

mint julep said...

loves it! especially this right here:

"I am still waiting for these women to describe themselves without mentioning their 9 to 5 or past accomplishments. (snap, snap!)"

exactly. i've found that many of my peers in the legal field, especially the ones who are chasing the financial security can't seem to do this. so you're a lawyer...AND!?!

are you a lover, a fighter, a dreamer, a thinker, a believer. or do you just punch the clock and collect your dollars every two weeks? these are the questions...