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Thursday, January 14, 2010

my companion

for the longest (read: a couple of months) i've been talking about wanting a dog.  my friends scoffed and wondered "how selfish!" "when will you have time for him?" "you work way too much to have a dog."

and yet i persisted.  i reasoned that i would make time if i could just find the right one.  i researched what kind of dog would best suit me.  i even moved to a new apartment that allowed pets in anticipation of my soon to be new best friend.

and then just like that over christmas break, i did it.  i got a dog.

and after about a day caring for him i thought to myself, wtf have you done?  this thing relies on you.  he follows you around.  he won't leave you alone.  and you can't give him back without a bunch of i told you so's and side eyes from family and friends alike.

so i swallowed my fiercely independent doubts and got used to having some one else around. despite those moments of oh god, i have to go home before he goes in his crate! surprisingly there are more often times of yaay, i can't wait to get home to see him. i worry about if he's okay when i'm not there.  and then i pinch myself to see if i'm still the mint julep i've grown to know and love.

but more than anything else my furry friend has given me a routine to follow.  given me some one to think about other than myself.  given me some thing to commit to on a real tangible level.

because he will be with me for at least the next 10-15 years.  hopefully to meet the man who i'll date and then marry.  to welcome the bundles of joy that we'll bring home together wrapped in pink or  blue.  to learn to tolerate kids as much as he tolerates me.  to be a constant in my life of regular uncertainty and lane changes every 1-2 years.  that's the reason why i wanted him in the first place. 


Nappy Mind said...

Congratulations! He is a cutie pie.

Dirty Red said...

I feel the same way about my dog Savannah. The way she is waiting at the door with her tail wagging whenever I come home from work makes the bullshit I had to endure for 8 hours worth it.