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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

political potpourri 2010, vol.i

to know me, is to know, that i have a love/hate relationship w/ the Washington Post's Style columnist, Robin Givhan. At times, I feel like she's going too hard on sistas w/o cause. And Bellini don't like shit like this. I mean really Robin, did you have to go there? And so Sunday, when I saw her on Washington Watch (w/ Roland Martin)- I had to hold my breath... 'cuz only the Lord knew what was going to come out of her mouth. So, the topic was the First Lady heart palpitating and her perceived agenda or lack thereof in 2009. Basically, Givhan expresses a view that many women were disappointed with Michelle's choice to be in Mom-in-Chief. Moreover, these women highlight the fact that Michelle espouses sterling professional credentials ala Hillary and that her talents should not go to waste being Mommy-in-Chief. Robin Givhan who have you been talking too??? clearly not Bellini.

You know I do expect black journalists to exhibit objective sensibilities the two are not mutually exclusive. Robin, it appears to me, you have lent your ear to mainstream feminists and their sentiments. Ummmmm... Robin, I expect you to do better. And although, she acknowledged via mild concession that this is the first time the White House has little children as occupants, she had to be prompted by Roland Martin first. The fact that there's never been a black First Lady, folks should not have crystallized expectations of what her role should be. Michelle is allowed to paint the picture of what the First Lady is and means to her. And perhaps, I was disappointed in Robin failing to acknowledge a full objective perspective on FLOTUS... but Robin there are still 11 months left for you to redeem yourself in 2010.

And in 2010, why are folks already mad at RNC Chairman, Michael Steele. Under his tutelage, the Republicans have amassed more money than his predecessors. He neutralized the national map by winning gubernatorial elections in Virginia and New Jersey. And he might seize the senatorial seat of the Democratic liberal bastion of Massachusetts. damn, not bad Steele So as HNIC, Steele put the ultimatum on the table, "FIRE ME!" say what But you won't be firing him based on his stellar record? Oh GOP, will you or won't you pull Steele's bluff???

Speaking of bluffs, what is Harold Ford doing? He's always into something. what's the expression something in the milk, just ain't clean yup, that sums up how I feel about Ford. Don't know what it is, something ain't right 'bout him. Irregardless sorry Amaretto- I use the irr- reference all the time he's contemplating running for the Democratic senate seat in NY... This could get interesting. And you have to believe sitting Senator Kristen Gillibrand wants to kick Ford's ass. But all is fair in love and war, no difference for politics!

Oh, how so that ever applies to Sheila Dixon. The first black female mayor of Baltimore will relinquish her mayoralty next month. Ladies, please heed to my advice, when I say say it with me "Neva,eva, eva - let a man fcuk up your shit!" Especially, someone outside of your husband?!!

2010 just got a lil' interesting...



P.S. I'll leave ya with this, my friend from the NO was shedding tears 'cuz of it.

P.P.S. My heart goes out to Haiti and its people...

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