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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

definition please?

It all started a month ago, when I came back from my vacay overseas. I found my self rummaging the pages of February's Elle edition with the former jenny from the block ... and the 'Betrayed Wives Club' authored by Mary Gaitskill hit me (pow)with the following:

What is faithfulness anyway?
"Can you be unfaithful to your own feelings and faithful to someone else?"
that's the million dollar question...
Is it faithful to lie in bed night after night with someone you love but no longer desire...?" that's enough, I'll stop right there....
i lied
"Is it faithful to be monogamous if that means deadening your own nature constantly in order to be genitally true to someone love but no longer have physical passion for?"

Time to pour a glass of wine...

I know a huzband who shared in mocking jest infront of his wife "Bellini, the only sin a man committs is bringing home the baby outside of the marriage. Don't bring no extra babies home. Right Bellini?!?" say whaaaaaaaaaaat!

Bellini couldn't entertain no stupid shit like that, and yet his wife clearly does. I won't even tell ya' how I invited the wife to an event downtown one night and instead her huzband shows up high or drunk couldn't tell the difference with a sweet, pretty young thing on his arms nope it wan't the wife either. He thought he saw a ghost when he seen my ass. Yeah ni$$a you ain't worth shyt fo' so! And I betcha ya'a benjamin- sweet, pretty young thing ain't have no clue huzband was a husband married with kids.
Don't ask me how I know, just know that I know!

If we give credence to Gaitskill's musings, perhaps the huzband is being just as he is - unfaithful to his wife and faithful to his feelings. And since I'm playing devil's advocate, can't I lay blame on the wife too. Isn't she a culpable member of this party of foolishness? Because she is technically condoning the shyt?

cheers (thanking the Lawd this isn't my life),


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Rum Punch said...

Hmmm... Yeah it's alotta gray area here - don't really know - haven't put in the time as a married woman. Buuttt I just read this on the Wash Post Celebrity gossip chat and am like WTF Jenny Sanford? WTF

Truth in packaging -- Sanford style: Turning to another wronged political wife, what do you think of Jenny Sanford's sharing that when she married Mark (the Applachian Trail dude) more than 20 years ago he insisted on removing a clause promising to be faithful from their wedding vows?

Roxanne Roberts: And she married him anyway! That's the most interesting fact to emerge from their story.