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Monday, February 1, 2010

Friending on Facebook

Like with any online activity, idividual users determine rules of conduct on the way they will behave. That is no different with Facebook.

I personally have one rule, I don't friend people I don't know. Some people I swear just go through their friend's friend list and befriend whoever is cute. I get this... but people, you can't really get to know someone on Facebook. But if you catch me on the right day, I might accept just to check out your pics then unfriend you without you even knowing. (chuckle)

This simple rule stops me from befriending people I met online or some person that saw me at a happy hour and would rather say wassup under the cover of the internet. URGH! (chuckle) It also stops me from befriending dudes I met during a brief time on an online dating site who I have yet to meet in person. (chuckle)

Anyway just recently, I had to get a little more specific with my general rule. I mean you tell me what you would do under these circumstances?

Do you friend your mom or her friends? I say "Yes to my mom and yes to her friends, especially if I consider them close or if I am friends with their kids" I am a grown-a$$ woman... I live a respectable life. (chuckle)

Which leads me to the next scenario, should I friend my friend's mom, if I never met her? Um... sorry, I defer to rule number 1. If I don't know you. No access.

Access, yes. Do you grant this to your ex-husband? I would like to say "Hell-to-the nah!" But you are friends with his friends... good point. Let's leave it at if he don't ask I won't. (chuckle) I am not trying to increase my friend count.

What about married couples you know, are you friends with both of them? Not in all cases. So to my married friends, if I only know your parnter in the context of you and met them once or twice under couple event circumstances... chances are we are not going to be FB best buds.

And how does your rule treat co-workers? Touchy one. I try to keep it to ones whose cell phone numbers are in my phone and we hang outside of work. However, I did have someone from work request friendship and when I didn't reply in what he would deem enough time approach me about it. Are you serious? I had to let him know to his face, if you have to ask me about it like it is a big deal maybe we shouldn't be friends. Be eas-Z, wee-Z! (chuckle)

Of course this ALL my opinion, so in the same token you can lay with whomever you please... I can friend who I choose ;)

Much luv and nothing but art in 2010... peace:)

Studio track throwback... "It ain't hard to tell, I excel, then prevail..."


Anonymous said...

I am a teacher and I had to get two Facebook accounts due to the fact that my old students' parents are friending me. Why are they doing this? We don't even have anything to say except hello. I am thinking of just deleted that account.

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